Do You Love Yourself?

Well you should! You are amazing! Do me and most importantly yourself a favor and read this book! The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

master of loveA friend/Yoga teacher recommended this book to me. It is a quick read and really life changing. I think any woman or man for that matter could benefit from reading this. These are just a few highlights I saved in the book on my kindle. This book really helps to change your mindset and outlook on life. It will help you start to look at your happiness through a different lens.

“The real mission you have in life is to make yourself happy, and in order to be happy, you have to look at what you believe, the way you judge yourself, and the way you victimize yourself”

“The only way to master love is to practice love. You don’t need to justify your love, you don’t need to explain your love, you just need to practice your love. Practice creates the master.”

burgundy head to toeThis is just a quick PSA announcements for your Tuesday! Hope you are having a great day! Remember to love yourself today, be happy for your health and the things your body does for you every day! Look yourself in the mirror and thank you for being YOU!

Cheers, -SS

I came, I Saw, I conquered….The Portland Marathon Part 2

Where did we leave off? Oh yes, at the start line! So Maggie lined up with the 4 Hour group and I stayed with her there knowing that I would fall back to the 4:10 or 4:20 group. It was nice and brisk in the morning so we both wore throw away long sleeves. We hugged and wished each other good luck, and just like that we were off!

the view 2So what made this race less successful than I hoped? First of all, I had a lot of work stress the week before the race. I couldn’t sleep and I had dropped 3 pounds in the matter of one week. I arrived in Portland feeling weak and stressed. I was determined to focus on having fun and running this race then I would let my mind go back to other issues at hand as soon as it was over. I had to change my travel plans at the last minute and fly to California from Portland the day after my race, but more on that in another post. I have some exciting changes coming soon!

the viewSecondly, this course was MUCH hillier than I expected. Lots of uphill and lots of downhill which is actually worse when you have little control over your muscles at mile 22. With all the changes in elevation I started to get a blister at mile 4. Yeah something little at mile 4 can turn into something huge by mile 26 and it did. I stopped at mile 5 to rub it down with Nivea chapstick, which helped some but this continued to bother me every step of the rest of the race. Despite the less than flat course the views were amazing. All photo credit in this post goes to Maggie. I didn’t take any pictures during the race.

maggieI was feeling great other than my pesky blister, and I was killing it in the first half. I was running with the 4:10 pace group and I was just certain that I would hit that time. Something happened at mile 14 and I hit a major wall like I have never done before. My energy dropped almost instantly and I spent the rest of the race trying to refuel. I had started my gummies at mile 4. I was alternating the power drinks with water. I was doing everything right, but I got to a point where I could not stand the thought of eating another gummy. Maggie was smart and took a snickers to eat at mile 15 and she said it was a lifesaver. There was a giant hill at mile 16 leading up to this bridge that the extra fuel would have come in handy for. One of the major things I have to work on in training and racing is fueling.

the bridgeMy blister became a very painful problem at mile 20 so the last 6 miles were ran in complete pain in my left foot. These last 6 miles were ultimately what cost me my 4:20 marathon. I slowed down significantly during this time and even walked a brief time at miles 23, less than a quarter mile. Despite this race not being what I hoped it would be, I ran freaking 26.2 miles and I did it faster than last time on a much harder course, so I have nothing to be ashamed of even if it didn’t feel as good as last year!

After I crossed the finish line I drank 2 cartons of chocolate milk, and hit the candy table for a handful of baby butterfingers. I also ate a bag of chips. Random assortment I know. Maggie and I made our way back to the hotel where she ordered a burger and fries from room service. I got a order of fries to hold me over while I ordered another gluten free pizza. It was that good the night before I had to have another.  Because of the race it took them an hour and half to get it to me. Thank goodness for the fries in the meantime.

It took me a lot longer to get back to normal than Maggie and she headed out to explore without me. Once I felt like a human again and the food I ate had kicked in, I got ready and met up with her to explore a new neighborhood.

cute neighborhoodDonuts are completely acceptable after 26.2. Too bad they didn’t have gluten free!

donutsWe walked around and did a little shopping before meeting up with a friend of hers for a few beers. I left the young kids to play without me, while I headed back to the hotel via Uber to get packed up and ready for an early flight.

Cheers, SS

Tell me about the last hard race you had?

See You on the Other Side of 26.2

I should be in route to Portland, Oregon by the time you read this today! Please send all the good luck vibes my way! I will see you on the other side of 26.2 folks. Stay tuned on Instagram for all the live action

I have been repeating all my mantra’s this week. Came across few new ones for when things get tough.

too legit to quitThis week with the taper has me like….

rest day

Bring on all the miles Portland! I’m ready for you!

Cheers, SS

Chicken Wings & Little Rock Half Marathon Recap

Before I talk about the Little Rock Half Marathon from last weekend, let’s talk about this most recent weekend. This was our first weekend at home after 3 weekends out of town, and the last weekend before I leave town again for the Portland Marathon this FRIDAY! EEK

I only had an 8 mile run Saturday and it was just one of those runs when the weather is perfect, the birds are singing, and your body feels great! It’s all fun and games until a bird poops on you only 2.5 miles in. In my running career this was the first time this has happened to me so I guess I am lucky or really unlucky who knows. Anyway, I stopped and grabbed a handful of leaves and wiped it off. Then ran like it was impairing my whole body to the nearest gas station another 1.5 miles away where I washed it off with soap and turned my shirt around so it was at least in the back and I didn’t forget and wipe my face with my shirt! Anyway, it was only a tiny drop people but it was dramatic as you can tell!

garminAfter my run Steve and I had our usual fish tacos then headed to get groceries for the week. I had a massage planned for 2:30 but my masseuse text me she wasn’t feeling well. I was sad so I went and got a mani/pedi instead to ease the pain. The razorbacks played at 6pm so we decided a nice evening in plus grilling was the perfect way to spend the evening. I found this new to me gluten free cider from Michelob Ultra that was really good and only 120 calories compared to some that are 250 calories like angry orchard. I just can’t justify drinking that many calories…I would rather eat more wings!

game nightWe (as in Steve) made these delicious wings on the grill. We (as in he) basically just seasoned them with salt/pepper, dusted in corn starch, grilled them, then tossed them in Frank’s hot sauce. Okay I actually did help with the dusting in corn starch part but I made a mess so I got fired.

wingsThe Hogs lost, but it was a nail bitter that went into overtime. Whomp Whomp!

Okay now lets talk about the past just a little more, then we are basically all caught up! Last weekend I went to Little Rock (about a 3 hour drive away) to run the Race 13.1 series Half Marathon. I never win anything, but I actually won a free race entry from my girl over at Sweet Miles Blog.

I couldn’t turn down a free race, plus my training called for 12 miles anyway, so I thought for 1.1 extra miles it would be nice to have new scenery plus water stations. This was the inaugural race for this series in Little Rock, and the turnout was really small with only about 380 runners. It was an out and back course which is not my preference but the scenery was beautiful along the river and primarily on their paved trail system. I didn’t set any PR’s as I didn’t want to push anything with my Marathon only a few weekends away that point, but it was a fun run with some nice bling!

little rock halfDoes anyone ever like the way they look in race pics. It reminds me of my sentiment for Drivers License photos, no one ever likes them. So out of the 20 or so they got of me, this was the only one I’m willing to show! ha!

little rock half marathon race pic

Cheers, -SS

Have you ever ran a Race 13.1 series? Thoughts?

What is your favorite football team?

Any recipes you want to share for homemade wings? I want to experiment with a new sauce next time.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

It has been a while since I linked up with Becky over at Olives n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday. However, that doesn’t mean treats haven’t been happening ya’ll!

Treat-Yourself-Tuesday-BadgeFirst up, let’s talk about a special treat that I bought for the house. I worked with Juli at the Urban Jungle to talk plants for my house. I wanted to fill some spaces with plants rather than furniture A. to purify the air in the house and B. to save money. This big girl was the biggest treat and I love her! Yes I am weird and I name my plants….they are living things people! I think I want to name this one Jewell after my grandmother, because she loved plants and this would make her oh so happy! So meet Jewell everyone!

plantAnd what would Treat Yourself Tuesday be without these  100% swoon worthy shoes that I just can’t get over! I found the cutest boutique on insta in one of my favorite cities, Nashville, called Hemline and so far it has not been so kind to my bank account, but very kind to my closet!

shoesI know I have talked about Thatch on hear before but my friend from high school Jade started a jewelry line with her sister out in Southern California called Thatch (named after a beloved family pet) and it just perfectly captures my style. I wish I could own every single piece. For now, I am on my 3rd necklace and this one makes my heart skip a beat. This is the Chrissy Lariat. It’s people like Jade that inspire me and I am so happy for her success with this line. Check them out. Here is a behind the scenes blog post about Thatch. Before they were creators of beautiful jewelry Jade and her sister started a boutique here in Arkansas called Lola (my dog Lola may or may not have been inspired by this name) it has become a Fayetteville staple over the last 10+ years. Jade sold the boutique, but moved out to California to open and run the new store in La Jolla California. Check Lola out for some serious style goals ya’ll!

necklaceI was unloading my clutch after Saturday evening, and when I saw these items laying out together I realized these are my essentials. I am loving, like really loving this new lip gloss I got with a gift card that was expiring at Neiman Marcus. It is the perfect nude gloss, called “almost nude”

essentialsLastly, to round out a perfectly good Treat Yourself Tuesday, it is time for new running shoes! Normally I like to go with the brightest colors I can find but I was feeling these all black ones for some reason. I have been diligently tracking miles everyday and it has really helped me to make sure I order shoes when I need to. I try to change shoes every 300 miles.

shoes running

Cheers, SS

How have you treated yourself lately?

How many miles do you put on your running shoes before buying new ones?

Confessions #1

Do you ever feel like just getting some things off your chest?!? Today I wanted to share a blog post called Confessions! I always enjoy reading these on other blogs, and I think we can all agree we feel a little more “normal” #whatisnormal when we see we are not alone! So here it goes. I hope you join in!


1. I have no kids and I still hired a house keeper to clean my house. Steve and I both work full time jobs and live busy lives. I told Steve if we built this big house there was no way I was cleaning it all by myself! 5 bathrooms no thank you! They will only be coming every 3 week’s but I can guarantee I will be looking forward to that day every three weeks! And based on the first experience, they make a mean bed. Like I don’t even know how they did it and I can’t explain it but the way they made my bed was just bliss!

2. I take a hot bath every single night, and enjoy my ME time! Refer to #1, I have no kids so I have time to do this!

3. I really want to get a dog, but I feel like I would be cheating on my babies who now live happily every after with my Mom and Dad. At the same time I selfishly do NOT want to get a dog because we will have less freedom and ability to pick up on a whim and head out of town for the weekend! I am starting to think a Cat might better fit my current lifestyle but Steve is not on board yet despite all the grey kitten pictures I have been sending him. To be honest, I have never been a cat person either, but I am in need of furry companionship!

4. I over analyze pretty much everything in life and sometimes it drives Steve crazy!

5. I get tired of people making a big deal about my healthy eating habits.  It’s old people! Yes I bring my lunch to work every single day, yes I take my own food on airplanes, yes I carry gluten free crackers or pretzels in my purse for emergencies! GET OVER IT!

travel snacks6. I hate talking on the phone. I don’t know why, but other than talking to my Mom while I drive to work every day, I just hate talking on the phone! So don’t call me! #kiddingnotkidding

7. I love french fries, Cheese Dip, & Diet Coke… completely contradict #5 above. Yes I eat healthy 92% of the time but there is that 8% where a girl just needs to let loose. Granted I haven’t eaten cheese dip in…I don’t even remember. And I haven’t had fries in a long time either….well I snuck a few off my mom’s plate in KC a couple weeks ago.  I only have a diet coke every blue moon. And let’s be honest, I rarely ever say “wow I am glad I ate that” after the fact, but we are all human!

BBQ8. I like to run by myself rather in a group. I have lots of thoughts up in my head to keep me company and I really hate trying to pace and talk while I am running. For that reason, Steve hates running with me because I just run what I feel. I slow down and speed up randomly. I am in my own little world. He always says “sometimes I just wonder what is going on over there” hahah!

rainy run

9. I am an introvert and although I love hanging out with my best friends, I really love hanging out by myself too! Hence #2 and #8 above!

10. I really really like really want to be able to do a headstand in yoga, but for some reason it seems impossible to me, so therefore I never try! I can run a marathon but trying to headstand no way! #ineedhelp

yoga back


What are your confessions?

Half of 2015 & 553 Miles in the Rearview

If you recall, I started tracking my daily running mileage at the beginning of the year. I wanted to be able to tally how many miles I run in a year because…. well, this piece of information will matter to me and only me, but I am going to share it with you anyway! From January 1- to June 30 I logged 553 Miles. See wasn’t that fun!

Although the Garmin is extremely helpful and easy for tracking mileage….I like to track it daily with pencil and paper the good old fashion way in my life planner. AND I do run on the treadmill a lot when I travel plus right now my Hill Repeats are done on the treadmill, and miles are miles people no matter how you run them! #amiright


Aside from having this useless fact for my pure satisfaction, it does help me know when I need to get new shoes. I just simply note when I change shoes in my calendar then I can easily track when I need to get a new pair! This has helped a ton in this area! I’m pretty sure in the past I either go way over in mileage on a pair of sneakers OR way under and waste their full potential and money! Then I just end up making hearts out of my shoes and photographing them! #truestory

Run heartThe cool thing to think about here is what if I had run 553 miles in one direction. Where could I have gotten to? Since Steve and I love Nashville and we go at least 1 time per year, I decided to see how far that way I could go….. and guess what?!?! Yep, Nashville is 549.8 miles from where I live! I could have made it all the way to Nashville Tennessee! Granted, it would take me the rest of the year to get back, but you see my point here! This was our first trip to Nashville back in 2012.

CMA nashville

Here is a breakout of my mileage by Month. Notice the sudden increase in May when I started working with a coach mid-May. I anticipate the back half to be much heavier since I will be in full Marathon training mode for Portland on October 4th.

January: 81.2 Miles
February: 75.1 Miles
March: 97.5 Miles
April: 78.2 Miles
May: 95.2 Miles
June: 125.8 Miles
Total Mileage: 553

Cheers, -SS

Do any of you track your mileage by day? Or am I the only nerd?

Ever been to Nashville? What is a city you love to visit every year?

My Week of Running

We are half way through the year folks! Can you believe it? I sure can’t! I have been tracking every single mile I run since January 1st and I have a post coming for you soon on how many miles I have under my sneakers for the first half of the year! I still need to add them all up! What I do know, is that since I started working with my coach, I am running about 30 more miles per month than I was without him.

I am at the point where I am really starting to evaluate whether or not to continue working with my coach or take the learnings and apply them on my own to get me to this Marathon in October. I have paid to work with him through July so I have a little time to decide. In a perfect world where money grows on trees, I would hands down keep working with my coach. He has definitely pushed me in a way that I would not have on my own, with both tempo work and hills! BUT at $125 per month I can think of a lot of other things that money could go towards. Hello…like someone to help me clean this new house! SO more to come on that, but for now I thought I would show you what is on my running agenda this week!

1 mile easy running
41 mile @ 7:50-8:25 w/ 800m float between
1 Mile easy running
35:00 min easy run.
**Entire run should be run at an easy “conversation pace,” meaning you can talk comfortably in full sentences without panting.**
Crosstraining/Active Recovery (I usually either go to HIIT class, or like last week I rode my bike for 45 minutes)
Hill Run; Strength and Power Development – 1:10hr
Warm up: 15min ez running
Main Set:2x12min hill repeats @ 3% grade @ Pace: 9:20-10:05 (w/ 2min walking recovery)
Warm Down:10min ez running
10min Static Stretching
45:00 min easy run.
**Entire run should be run at an easy “conversation pace,” meaning you can talk comfortably in full sentences without panting.**
1:40hr easy run.
**Entire run should be run at an easy “conversation pace,” meaning you can talk comfortably in full sentences without panting.**
Sunday Funday:

Cheers, -SS

What does your workout week look like? Do you map it out in advance or just decide on the fly? I tend to stick to a routine better than winging it! I like to mentally prepare for the week ahead!


Would you Like to Take a Survey?!?

I absolutely love reading survey’s from other bloggers. It is a fun change of pace and way to get to know each other on a different level! I saw this fun A-Z survey from my friend Kristin over at Peptalks & Ponytails so I had to get in on the fun! And Ya’ll if you haven’t checked out her blog yet,  you should!  This girl is my hero! We were friends growing up and although we haven’t got to see each other much over the years (and lost touch for a few years through adulthood) we exchanged current contact info at a baby shower last year and have looked back since. She is such a positive light in my life and I am thankful for her everyday. She sends me encouraging text messages and the cutest pics of her littles that could brighten even the worst of days! When she isn’t running, doing yoga, or working out using playground equipment she is Mom to sweetest little boy and girl, cooking healthy meals for her family, blogging, and teaching her oldest sign language before he could even speak, not to mention he can do a mean down dog, so I am sure his potty training that is currently in pursuit is going to be a cake walk! Okay, easier said than done coming from this non mommy! Anyway, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have good girlfriends in life who lift each other up, who don’t compare themselves to one another, who don’t get mad when you don’t text back for 2 days (hello busy life) and who just let you talk about running all day er’ day!

So with all that said….here are some things about me you may or may not have known!


A – Age: 31

B – Biggest Fear: the day I can’t run anymore. Hopefully never!

C – Current Time: 12:15pm

D – Drink You Had Last: La Croix sparkling water (lime flavor)

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: My Mom

F – Favorite Song: Ryan Adams, La Cienga Just Smiled

G – Grossest Memory: when I nearly ripped my finger completely off playing basketball (it was hanging by a small piece of skin)- I tried to dunk it on a shorter goal and a ring I was wearing got caught and took my finger with it. Yes gross just thinking about it, don’t worry they sewed it back on so NO I don’t have a nub. aAlthough it is a little odd looking! I always get a funny looks when getting manicures!

H – Hometown: Jasper, Arkansas

I – In Love With: Steve, my boyfriend and best friend for 3 years.

J – Jealous Of: people who leave their corporate stressful jobs to follow their dreams and do what they love!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My Mom- I’m a lucky girl!

L – Longest Relationship:  assuming this means romantic and not like hairdresser right? Well that would be ex husband of almost 5 years but together for 7 years. (I got married really young- first big life mistake- but wouldn’t change where I am now for the world)

M – Middle Name: Lynette

N – Number of Siblings: Big Brother

O – One Wish: that it doesn’t rain like they are forecasting on the Fourth of July

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My Mom.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: when are Steve and I going to get married? We don’t know, we just know we are happy and right now we don’t need a piece of paper or a ring to prove it.

R – Reason To Smile: the long holiday weekend!

S – Song You Last Sang: This is my Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Loving this song right now! It really does the trick during hill repeats.

T – Time You Woke Up: 5:30AM

U – Underwear Color: not wearing any! You want me to be honest right??! I don’t like to wear undies with my Lululemon crops.

V – Vacation Destination: St. John US Virgin Islands is still my favorite of all the places I have been, but Aruba and Oahu, Hawaii  are close seconds. Think beach!

W – Worst Habit: obsessing over counting calories

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: dental x-rays at my checkup last week.

Y – Your Favorite Food: Almond Butter all day er’day!

Z – Zodiac Sign: Pisces unite!  I fit the pisces personality profile to a T!

Cheers, SS

Your turn! 3 questions for you…or any you would like to answer above! 


Your Favorite Food?

Vacation Destination?

Books I Read on Vacation

I thought I should share the books I read while on vacation in Aruba, in case anyone else is working on their vacation or summer reading list. By the way, I am still dreaming of the sand between my toes, the sun on my skin, and the wind in my hair. #postvacationblues


First up, I read “The Girl on The Train” by Paula Hawkins if you read at all you have probably heard about this book lately. It is getting rave reviews and now that I have read it I can totally see why. It’s definitely a page turner. I like to read fiction books, especially while on vacation, when I need to clear my head and check out of reality for a bit. This book is well written and I like how it was easy to follow even though the narrator of the story changes from character to character between chapters, although primarily told from one character. It just added an element of additional info that left no stones unturned.

the girl on the train

Second on my Kindle for the week, “Wreckage” by Emily Bleeker. A friend of mine had recommended this to me and BOY oh BOY! If I had to pick a favorite for the week ( they were all good) this would be it. This was one of those you really can’t put down. When I was nearing the end I found myself staying on the beach at least an hour longer after Steve had already gone in for the day because I just couldn’t stop, then after dinner I just had to finish reading it in bed. Great writing, and again I liked how there was narrative from both of the main characters.


And last but not least, “Insurgent” by Veronica Roth. I probably made a mistake by not reading the first book in the series Divergent, but I saw the movie so I figured that was good enough. I found myself a little confused in the beginning, but not so much, that I gave up. This is more of a sci-fi type book so you may or may not be into that sort of thing, but if you liked the Hunger Games I would think you would really like this too! I loved it, and I can’t wait for the movie to come out soon. Although, as I am sure you all agree the movie is NEVER as good as the book.


Has anyone read any of these books? If so, thoughts? (no spoiler alerts for other readers please)

Any books you would recommend for my pool time reading this summer? The pool will have to be the next best thing to the beach. I had my first pool day this weekend. NO books just my Runner’s World which is GREAT reading too if you ask me!

Cheers, -SS