Weekending & Other Shenanigans

I got home around 6:30pm Friday night from my trip to Arizona. Steve was a dear and had pizza night preparation in progress when I walked in the door. He also had our movie picked out so I didn’t have to lift a finger, except to pour a glass of wine!

Despite the fact that I gained 2 hours coming home from Arizona I still went to bed so tired at 9:30pm (which was 7:30pm really since I woke up in Arizona) I caught up on some sleep and got up at my normal time on Saturday to eat some breakfast and get a run in! I did 7 miles which felt great after coming off a week of not running because of my toe and then only 3-5 miles during my travel week!

IMG_8276I am glad that God intended for us to enjoy Heaven on earth because Fall running is truly my heaven on earth!

IMG_8272Steve got tickets to the Razorback (my alma mater) vs. Auburn football game through work and since it is his birthday weekend I promised to do whatever his heart desired, which included me being ready on time. Okay so I wasn’t exactly on time but Steve still took me to get something to eat so I wasn’t cranky the whole game. 11am game times are the worst! I went to Native Nectar to get a smoothie bowl to go. It was amazing! This is a new place in Bentonville offering juices and organic homemade fresh food offerings like this. Although it was delicious I can’t say that I will be a loyal customer because after tax this bad boy was over $11 (not including tip) so in addition to tip and some date brownie bites, I spent nearly 20 dollars. I will try to recreate this at home instead!

smoothie bowlIf you have been a Sweet & Sweaty reader for some time you know Steve is a transplant from New Jersey but he loves it here in Northwest Arkansas. He isn’t what I would call a “Razorback Fan” persay but he does enjoy going to the games. I am a die hard Razorback fan, rightfully so, since it is where I got my Bachelors degree in Business. BUT I am not a football fan. There…I said it outloud….I don’t like football. I only really care to watch the Razorbacks play football and could care less about any other team. I am from a small town and we didn’t have football so I just didn’t grow up with it. I love sports, especially basketball baseball and tennis…..just not football! Sorry boys! Anyway, I promised not to complain and want to leave the game early since it was Steve’s Birthday weekend. It turned out to be a fantastic game with 4…YES 4 overtimes, in which we pulled out the W. So it was quite exciting and if all games were like that I think I would like football more!

IMG_8289It was the perfect day for a football game. Just brisk enough to wear a coat and no sun beaming down on you! Steve still will not wear red and he refused to call the Hogs.

IMG_8290After the game we stopped for groceries, and went straight home. Steve wanted to grill out at home instead of going out to eat for his Birthday. I opened a good bottle of wine while he made the most delicious steaks with a side of mushrooms & onions and grilled cauliflower. It was a nice evening at home after traveling and eating out all week. The sky couldn’t have been more beautiful, even though pictures never do it justice!

IMG_8294So yesterday was Steve’s actual Birthday and I woke up 6:45am waiting for him to wake up. I was starting worry about him, he didn’t wake up until 9:45am. I had an entire pot of coffee, spent 40 minutes of my life I will never get back on the phone with AT&T, researched plane tickets for a December trip to New York, wrote 2 blog post, and caught up on reading other blogs.

Yesterday I spent lots of time baking, meal prepping, doing laundry, and crock potting!

Cheers, SS

What did you do on Sunday? 

What is your favorite college football team?

Back in Action & My Big News

I am happy to report that I am back in all the running action since I last talked to you. It took a solid 6 days after my minor toe surgery before I could get on a running shoe on and head out for 4 miles. Granted it was a little painful and slow but I did not care, because the endorphins were greater.

The first day I ran was also my 1 week check up back with the podiatrist. She said it was more inflamed than she would like and said I was doing more “than most” would do with this type of thing. BUT she knows I ran a marathon so she also said I guess you “aren’t most.” I told her a week was all I could do. She called me in some antibiotics just to take on my trip to Phoenix in case of emergency or something went South and it got infected. Luckily none of that happened and it is getting better every day! Okay so enough about the toe! Let’s get back to normal life, because I have lots to tell you!

Last weekend, Steve took me on an unplanned trip to watch the Royals play Toronto in the series. We had so much fun!

IMG_8234Before the game we stopped for lunch at this super cute little restaurant and I had an amazing Quinoa bowl!

IMG_8228The Royals were down 3 until we had a stellar 6th inning and scored 5 points which ended up ultimately winning the game!

IMG_8237We had not so stellar sushi after the game followed by another snack as we bar hopped around. We turned in early and I found this cute little coffee shop for breakfast the next morning. I managed to make it the entire baseball game sitting on the end of the row mind you without getting my toe stepped on then out of nowhere this grown woman came barging through the door of the coffee shop basically running me over and stepping on my toe. I am sure she thought I was dramatic but she had no idea how bad it hurt! Anyway, I am over it….maybe!

the filling stationI had to get home to pack for my trip to Phoenix but not before enjoying some BBQ at Arthur Bryants. We cannot go to KC without having BBQ. It just would not be right! This is also the one occasion I allow myself to have diet coke. I mean why not I am eating fries too! #livealittle

bbq abI was off work on Monday so my Mom came up to spend the day with me before I flew out on Tuesday! We had lunch at our favorite spot, Table Mesa! My BBQ chicken salad did not disappoint, and I guess I didn’t get enough BBQ Sunday.

table mesaSo like I have mentioned a few times now I have some big news to share. No I am not pregnant and no I am not getting married, BUT I did get a new job! If you recall I had to make a last minute change to my Portland plans and fly to California the day after the marathon. That was to interview with Ghirardelli Chocolate Company based in San Leandro, California (right outside of San Francisco!) Spoiler alert, I got the job. Don’t worry I am not moving to California…yet anyway! I will be based in our office here in Arkansas! I was sad to leave all the great friends I have made at L’Oreal but this was a position I really wanted to progress my career. My new boss actually use to work with my at L’Oreal and recruited me to Ghirardelli! I couldn’t be more excited and the culture and people are just fantastic. I love the new office and as long as I can manage not to eat ALL the chocolate I think this is going to be a great adventure! They sent this to my house after I accepted the job!

IMG_8221My travels to Arizona this week were for the National Sales Meeting. It was a great time to come on board and meet everyone I will be working with at the corporate office and other field teams. The team building event was at a ranch in Scottsdale, AZ and they surprised us with these hats! Another perk of this job is I will be working with my very best friend of 12+ years and traveling together is going to be fun! We work really well together!

hats with natWhen we arrived at the ranch we were greeted by this guy passing out beers!

donkeyWhen the sun went down the views were amazing.

sunset in PhoenixI felt perfectly safe running outside while In Scottsdale. I always say the best way to explore any city is to run it!


IMG_8263After a busy few days I was ready to get home and see Steve. Today is his birthday so I was ready to get the birthday weekend started. 2nd best way to see a city is from the sky….am i right?

IMG_8269Thats enough overloading of information for one post! I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about the birthday weekend and other random bits of information you could live your whole life without knowing!

Cheers, SS


Have you been to Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona?

What is the best way to see a city? biking is a good option that Steve and I love to do too!

When you can’t Run….YOU?

I am going crazy over here as I haven’t been able to run since Tuesday. Today is Saturday people….that is 4 days. This is going to be more info than you care to know but we keep it real here on Sweet & Sweaty. I have had an ingrown toe nail bothering me for the better part of a year. I have been avoiding getting it cut out for just this reason. I saw a podiatrist back in July and she recommended I just ride out summer sandals and finish my marathon then come back. SO that is what I did. I was expecting to be down a couple days but now 4 days later and it still hurts to wear a shoe and girl is going bonkers! I have been working out barefoot in my loft to some  Popsugar videos on you tube in the meantime just to get my endorphins flowing.

toeIt’s nice when your boyfriend works for Johnson & Johnson so I have access to ALL the first aid gear I could ever want. I have an irrational fear that this will get infected and they will have to remove my toe! #dramatic

cleaningThe benefits of not being able to run are few but one of them is waking up when it is light outside. I really enjoyed waking up to fall this morning.

waking up to fallAnother benefit is not being hungry all the time. BUT I still had my run fuel this morning for good measure.

breakfastSteve text me yesterday at work and ask if I wanted to go to Kansas City to see the Royals baseball game today! of course I said “Hellz Yeah” We had some celebrating to do tonight (more announcements on that later) and this sounds way more fun than a fancy dinner tonight! Plus I told him I needed something to keep my mind off the fact that I can’t run today!

Keep up with me on the gram for all things weekend. I am traveling for work next week to Phoenix, AZ so I may or may not be able to stop back in to say hi. BUT everyone please PRAY I am running by then or things are going to get UGLY I tell you!

Cheers, SS

Happy Weekend!

What do you do when you can’t run?

Anyone else with ingrown toenail  experiences? This was my first one ever! eek!

Memphis in the Rearview

Well our Memphis weekend is now in the rearview mirror and we are back to reality! It is always tough being off work for a couple days then playing catch up when you get back. This 4 day week was a tough one but I survived and it is Saturday and I am drinking coffee and I am about to go run off my week, so all is good in the world! We had a great time in Memphis and I took lots of pics so here we go!

Friday Morning I got in a run before I had to do a little work from home (working on vacation not recommended). Steve worked half a day then came home so we could hit the road for 5 hours! We packed our usual weekday lunches to eat on the road! And in case you are wondering I did not make that messy bed before we left!

leavingAs soon as we got there we checked in to our Hotel at the Peabody! I love the Peabody just for the ducks!

Peabody DucksWe dropped our bags, and I changed into my new romper that I actually bought in preperation for our trip to Aruba but it seemed festival appropriate. Why are they so cute yet so hard to use the bathroom in?!?! Anyway, we headed straight to dinner at the famous BBQ joint called Rendezvous! It did not disappoint! Don’t worry Gluten Free friends I didn’t eat the bread… and all of their sauces are GF!

BBQThe first night of the concert was my favorite because my favorite artist was playing…..Ryan Adams! Yippee! We got there right as the sun set over the Mississippi River!

SunsetThen we waited in line for 50 yes 5.0. minutes for a drink while we listened to Awolnation which was awesome! Awol not the line that is!

Day 1This was the 4th time I have seen Ryan in concert….. he was in an extra good mood and he put on a great show!

Ryan AdamsSaturday morning we did get in a short 3 mile run! We found this cute little Farmer’s Market along the way so we had to stop and check it out! Lots of Gluten Free goodies!

Farmers MarketAfter we showered, we found this super cute little coffee shop called Tamp & Tap. One thing I love about Steve is he always does the research on Coffee/Food places and God love him, I am hard to please. He knows me well and does a great job! We had to wait for like 30 minutes on our breakfast but once I tasted my oatmeal I knew why! It was AMAZING! I brought my own Almond Butter packet with me to top it off! The coffee was also to die for!

Tamp and TapWe basically just hung out all day on Beale Street while listening to live music and taking in all the good people watching! Don’t lie everyone loves people watching! I just appreciate so many different walks of life and this street brings them ALL, including street performers!

Beale StreetBeale Street at night gets quite crowded…..

Beale Street 2…..but they don’t play around with the security folks!

Horse CopsWe decided to sell our tickets to the concert for day 2. That many days in a row of large crowds is tough to swallow and there weren’t any bands we really wanted to see that day!

Sunday we had to seek out the nearest shopping mall with a Madewell for me, which was 30 minutes away in Germantown, but luckily it happened to be near another famous BBQ place called The Commissary, so everyone was happy! The wait was long but the BBQ shrimp was amazing! French Fries were had….no judging! #treatyourself


I loved the girls at the Germantown Madewell! I didn’t even get there names….but they convinced me I needed these overalls! I have REALLY REALLY like REALLY been wanting these overalls but I wanted to try them on and we don’t have a Madewell in Arkansas. I wasn’t expecting them to look good at all, and I would be able to forget about them….but to my surprise I loved them. Plus the girls helped me style them a bunch of different ways so I figured I would get more wear out of them than I originally thought! Steve however, knowing I wanted overalls, was against it from the beginning. So of course I didn’t tell him what I had done! I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to put them on for the concert that evening! He was actually surprised “they weren’t as dorky as he thought”….I’ll take that as a compliment!

OverallsThe last night of the concert was another beautiful evening at sunset were we watched Hozier perform. It was a great performance!

The StageWe had a great weekend and we called it an early night after Hozier!

B and SMonday morning I couldn’t wait to have one last cup up coffee from Tamp & Tap before we hit the road home! I didn’t have time wait on the oatmeal today, but I still dream about it! #kiddingnotkidding

And that wraps up our weekend in Memphis, Tennessee at the Beale Street Music Festival!

Cheers, -SS

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Thoughts on overalls in general? I can’t believe how happy a pair of overalls could make me! #fashionjunkie #doesnttakemuch

Have you ever been to Memphis TN? This was not our first time, but the music festival was a first for us.

Do you love BBQ as much as we do here in the South?

20 Question Survey

Happy Friday lovely friends!! I saw this fun Survey on Katie’s Blog over at Daily Cup of Kate, and I decided to get in on the fun myself! I love  getting to know other bloggers this way, so I hope you enjoy it too! Please join in, and answer a few of the questions in the comments below!

selfie1. What’s your whole name?

Brooke Lynette Walker

2. Are you named after anyone?

Not named after anyone, but I was suppose to be a boy, literally until I popped out! I would have been Scotty. My Mom didn’t even have an outfit to bring me home in, not to mention a name for a girl. My brother, however, the entire time was determined I was a girl and my Mom had tried to break it to him, but turns out I guess he knew better. When the Doctor told him he had a baby sister he said, “Nope it’s a Brooke”! Obviously he had heard my Mom say that name!  Amazing how much technology we have now and that mistake would never be made now days. My heart rate was really strong and they were basing my gender on that!

3. Do you have any siblings?

Per the last question, yep, I have 1 brother and he is 2.5 years older than me. Here’s the Walker gang!

family photo4. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town called Jasper, Arkansas. AND when I say small, I mean tiny! Population 498. Yes, four hundred and ninety eight. My graduating class was 50 people and we had a big class! I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My parents still live there and people from all over travel to our little town to go rock climbing, camping, canoeing, and hiking! It’s really beautiful and filled with National Forrest.

5. What activities did you do in high school?

Basketball was my main gig, but I also played Softball and Tennis. My Mom kept proof below. #sorrynotsorry you can see up my nose!

IMG_37516. Where did you go to college?

University of Arkansas, Walton College of Business

7. What activities did you do in college?

I was in the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, I played intramural basketball and volleyball, and I worked 2 jobs! I had a work study office job and I waited tables all throughout college

8. What did you study in college?

Marketing, Management

9. What was your first job out of college?

My very first job was at Sephora as a Store Manager, then and short 6 months later I got the opportunity to work for the Sam’s Club corporate office on the buying team for a few different categories, and I stayed there for 3 years.

10. What kind of music do you like?

I like really chill music unless I am running, then I like really fast music! My favorite artist is Ryan Adams! Any kind of live music is my favorite. Steve and I are going to a music festival (Ryan will be there …yippee) in May. Flashback to the Lumineers in Paris….

Lumineers11. What’s one hobby that you’d like to take up?

I really want to learn to play guitar but since Steve got me golf clubs instead for my Birthday I am going to take up golfing. I mean, I like to golf but, I need to take a few lessons before I start playing with the big boys!

12. What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a Veterinarian or a Marine Biologist. you see how that worked out!

13. What’s the biggest project on your to-do list right now?

Decorating  our  house once it is finally finished! Will it EVER END?!? Oh and learning to play the guitar once I get one! I hope Steve is reading!

14. Do you have any irrational fears?

I have developed a fear of flying in the last few  years, which is super unfortunately because I travel a lot for work and I love to travel!  I just have to suck it up! Flying use to never even phase me no matter how bad the turbulent, but now every bump sends me into “we are going to dye” panic!

15. Have you ever traveled abroad? If so, where?

Yes, as I mentioned I LOVE to travel and I have been fortunate to do so! I also listed places that aren’t technically out of the country but also aren’t in the contiguous 48.

Dominican Republic
Oahu Hawaii
St. John US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico

16. When’s your next vacation and where are you going?

Besides are mini getaway to the Music Festival I mentioned above in Memphis at the beginning of May, Steve and I are headed to Aruba the last week in May. Oh and I am meeting Steve in New York next weekend for a few days away if that counts. I really am just tagging along to meet some of his best friends from highschool and to get my hair done! He is there for work already so it was a good time, but I REALLY need to get my hair done #priorities I totally digressed on this question. Sorry, the answer is Aruba.

17. Do you speak any other languages?

Not fluently. I wish I did. Note to self, next time I travel to Paris, learn French! It was really hard to communicate and navigate over there without speaking the language.

18. What’s one talent that you wish you had?

I wish I had musical talents! uh hem….guitar!

19. What’s something that you wish you did more of?

Yoga. I love yoga and although I try to do a little daily in some form, I don’t get to a class very often! I need to start making it a priority. I also love photography and I use to do it a lot more. My camera has been on the fritz so I need to take it to the camera doctor.

20. If you weren’t in your current job, what would you want to be doing?

I would definitely have my own business. I have always dreamed of having my own business! It will happen one day! I am not giving up on this dream!

And that’s a little bit about me!  Pick a couple questions and answer them below! Pretty Please! And feel free to ask me any more questions!

Cheers, -SS

Making Progress on the House….

For someone who has a hard time making decisions already, building a house is NOT recommended for your sanity. There are so many decisions to make when building a house. I knew it would be this way, but my fears have become a reality! I kept telling Steve it would be much worse than he imagined. I think he thought it would be “add to cart kitchen” but in reality it is “add to cart one single handle pull for the cabinet that holds your big pots and pans” #thedramaisreal Each and every detail is a new decision and in the end we have no idea if it is all going to come together and match! I mean look at the choices people….

paintThe good news is, we are about 3 months out from move in and we can start enjoying the fruits of our labor, which has been non stop. Steve makes a “to do” list of decisions I need to make weekly, and every Saturday is spent at some home store picking out lighting, flooring, carpet, hardware, and on and on!

So here is a sneak peak at how things are coming along. Going by the house every weekend is more fun now that things are starting to really form into a real house with walls and floors! And watching the progress on the brick is really bringing things to life!

brickMy butler’s pantry (minus a real butler) has turned out to be everything I hoped for. There will be swinging doors on both sides, and the top will remain open like you see here!

pantryMy closet seems smaller than I hoped but let’s be honest it is still big, and it does have a bit of natural light which I am happy about!

closet windowMy first yoga pose in my yoga loft…even if I am about to fall over! These pants were not conducive to tree pose!

yoga roomThe grand room has lots of light just like we hoped!

grand roomWe have tile in the master bath….

bathroom floorAnd my favorite tile here, is going down in the laundry room,mudroom, and upstairs baths, oh and it is the tile that will line the steam shower. It looks like wood but it is tile!

floorsThis is one of the upstairs baths….

shower tileI have lots of high hopes for the office. We  meet with the trim carpenter this week to see if we can make my dreams come true!

officeAnd if the decisions couldn’t get any worse, we have also been furniture shopping. We can’t seem to commit to a couch! This is the front runner right now….minus the yellow pillows….we get to pick out any pattern we want….of course we do….it’s another decision to make!

couch 1I love all things tufted!

couchI really really want this chair, just two of them for the ends of the dining table but these suckers are $1209 each! WHAT????? Are they handmade in Italy and hand delivered one by one! Furniture is expensive ya’ll!

chairAlso in the decision check list right now is picking out a chandelier for my closet. Do I go more glam like this….

closet chandelierOr simple and elegant like this….

chandelier 2And this is what I have been doing for the last 6 months of my life! Building a house…piece by piece by piece!

Cheers, -SS 

Which chandelier do you like best?

Thoughts on the couch?

Where can I find the tufted chair for cheaper?

Bought it, Tried it, Loved it!

It’s been a while since I shared with you a few things I am loving lately! So I thought while I am in New York this week, this would be a good time to catch up!

So without wasting any time….first up are my new shoes! Not only are these very pleasing on the eye (in my opinion) they are very functional for what I was looking for. I tend to just wear retired running shoes to my HIIT classes during the week, but I really felt like I needed a better shoe for cross training that wasn’t quite as bulky in the sole and lighter for box jumping etc… This print was sold out on Nike but I found them still available to order on Nordstrom even though they were on backorder. I knew this print was worth the wait! AND the verdict: they totally were worth the wait. They completely changed my experience at class last week, not to mention all the girls wanted to know where I got them!

Nike Free'sNext up, I did a little Birthday Shopping for myself at Lululemon recently. As soon as this jacket popped up in my email from Lululemon on the new arrivals list…I had to “add to cart” asap!

lulu jacketThe back of the jacket is the cutest part….

back of jacketSource: Lululemon

I think it will be great for Spring, with the cooling vents in the back, but I also paired it with my puffer vest on Snow day if you recognize it from my Snowga pic!

snowgaOkay moving on, my Mom got me this S’well Water Bottle for Valentines! Yes, my Mom will always be one of my Valentines! Thanks Mom. I have a slight obsession with water bottles. I mean…. I drink lots of water everyday so I might as well be carrying around a cute bottle everywhere right! This one is really special. It is a hand painted double walled stainless steel bottle that keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. It’s toxin free and virtually unbreakable. And to top it all off, S’well donates part of the proceeds of each sale to charitable organizations such as WaterAid, American Forests and Drink Up.

swellAnd lastly, I have been meaning to tell you about this one for a while!! I downloaded and read “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz on my last work trip. I love Cameron as it is, and always have. I got the opportunity to hear her speak at a work event I attended once and she is a well spoken very intelligent lady, which made me love her all the more, and yes she is just as stunning in person!  In her book, she lays it all there and talks about things in a way that anyone can understand, AND it is all grounded in science. I read a lot of health and wellness books and sometimes when they go deep into the science aspects it is sometimes a bit over my head and makes me tune out!  If you are like me and read a lot about Health and Wellness already you may not necessarily learn anything new per say from this book, but it will leave you motivated, inspired, with a few new tricks, and with a rekindled love for your body and the need to nurture and care for it.

the body bookSo that sums up the things I am loving lately! Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you are loving lately??

Cheers, -SS

What are 3 things you are lovely lately…. or 1 or 2, or 5? 

What exactly is the hype about Bone Broth?

I am sure most of you by now have heard the recent hype about Bone Broth if you are at all in tune with fitness and health trends. I have been reading about it quite a bit lately, and while the benefits it touts are enough to get me on board, the task of cooking animal bones in a crockpot for 24- 48 hours is less than appealing to me.

I was reading this great article from the Lululemon Blog about Bone Broth and while reading some the comments I came across a site that makes it (spoiler alert I ordered it) and sends to you frozen with dry ice. More on that in a minute, but first back to this article. Let’s talk about some the benefits!

2015FebWk4_BoneBroth_HeaderSource: Lululemon Blog

Bone broth contains calcium, magnesium and boron which are great for building stronger bones, but the real benefits come from the gelatin, collagen, glucosamine condroition and synovial fluid (translation: spinal fluid) that come from slow cooking the bones for an extended period of time, usually between 24 and 48 hours.
Advocates say it’s great for your hair, skin and nails, can ward of the flu, prevent infection and boost the immune system.
After we turn 24, our bodies stop producing collagen—one of the most coveted elements of bone broth—which provides the skin with strength and elasticity and repairs the tissues and cartilage in our joints, vital for any sort of athlete.
“It’s made up of an animal bone, so your body does very little processing to it.
”Runners who are pounding the pavement and athletes who are doing intensive workouts are damaging their cartilage which needs to be repaired and nourished,” Home on the Range Organics owner, Jackie Ingram, “Bone broth is one of the most nourishing things we can treat our bodies to.”

If all of that isn’t enough to get you on the bone broth wagon I don’t know what will. But again, making it on my own at home was not something I really wanted to do. I encourage you to read through the comments on the blog. There are tons of great reviews of people who are singing the praises of their own experiences and how amazing the changes in their skin are, etc…. It’s also where I found Wise Choice Market. I ordered the Sampler of Chicken and Beef Bone Broth. The only downside is that I am out of town this week so it is going to arrive when I am gone. Steve will just have to save some for me!

I can’t wait to try it, and share the results with you! I am anxious to hear if any of you have tried it, and what your thoughts/experiences are?!?

Cheers, -SS

Have you tried bone broth? Tell me EVERYTHING!!!

Running in Bad Weather…. It’s all About Perspective

I am sitting here trying to decide weather to go to the gym and run 9 miles on the treadmill or wait for it to stop raining and run outside. Normally the answer would be easy and I would just run in the rain which I don’t mind unless it is a terrential downpour, BUT we received a little ice storm this week and there are still ice patches everywhere. I keep reading and hearing about people falling. I fell on the ice as a kid and ended up with 7 stitches in the middle of my forehead so I am a little scared of falling on the ice. Granted my brother I were ice skating in our sneakers on the ice patch in our driveway, BUT still! I have to look at this scar on my forehead everyday! Okay enough about that.

This is the view from my window at work! It doesn’t look as bad as it is because you can’t see the ice! We don’t know how to handle bad weather here in Arkansas so it took about 3 days to get the roads clear….

view from windowI went to HIIT class a lot this week and got in two days worth of treadmill running so I have still found ways to get my sweat on.

gymAnd although I still found ways to sweat, I have still been Debbie downer about not getting to run outside.  AND that is when I read this blog post from my runner friend/previous coworker who just had surgery to repair her hamstring. She started her blog Run4Cake to help keep her sanity while she cannot run. And while I am over here all “I hate this weather, I can’t run outside” She is over there keeping a positive attitude!  She was on the track to qualify for Boston and now she is just happy to make it from the couch to the bathroom without injuring herself. SO I am going to just be thankful I can run today and not be such a downer about the weather! Get well soon Run4Cake, sending running endorphins your way!

Aside from all that, here is what has been going on this week! Steve and I got a new mattress….

New MatressI am dreaming about vacation and trying to plan where to go this year. In the meantime I am keeping warm by looking through my old vacation pics. This was that time I rented a dingy in St. John!

vacation dreamingMy new Smore’s Quest Bars arrived this week and they have done it again with this flavor! I always think every year the new flavor it THE BEST but they always outdo themselves! If you haven’t tried this one, please do so STAT!

questSince I have known Steve he has never once given me an early Birthday or Christmas present. I think he has gone soft this year, because he bought me my new Garmin at the race expo in Miami and let me have it right away, AND last night I came home to these!

golf clubsHe was so excited for me to open these and he couldn’t wait until my birthday on Monday. He even wrapped them and everything.

birthday wrappingWe are going to get the Golf Membership when we move into our new house which is on the golf course, and I don’t have my own clubs. I had absolutely no idea Steve was getting me these. I love total surprises. I can’t wait to kick his butt at golf. That is what I said when I opened them, and he laughed at my usual competitive nature!

Well fit friends, I have sat here long enough to decide on running outside and not the treadmill today! Wish me luck with no unplanned snow angels!

Cheers, -SS

Tips for running in Winter Weather? I need them please. I am fine with the cold just not the ice!

Last time you were totally surprised for your Birthday?

Any women golfers out there?

2015 Intentions & A Life Planner

Better late than never right? I should get  the “blogger slacker” award of the year for posting my 2015 Intentions 12 days in. To my defense I had this post ready last week but my computer had other plans and I lost it. I was really frustrated and didn’t feel like doing it all over! Plus, if truth be told I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I decided to set “intentions” rather than “resolutions.” This year one of my biggest intentions for 2015 is to just focus on being PRESENT and pretty much everything else revolves around that.!  So here we go…..

#1 I have to start with afore mentioned intention of being PRESENT. My new quote for the year is “Someday is today” and I am going to focus on being more present in every activity….not thinking about the past….and not day dreaming about the future….not spending as much time with my iPhone attached to my hand….. and less time cruising the inter webs.


#2 Track my daily running mileage so I know exactly how many miles I run in 2015. I really wish I had done that this year! I think this will also help with knowing when to buy new shoes, and truthfully it is just for FUN!

#3 Weekly Meal Planning. I do good with breakfast and lunch, but not so much with dinner, which leaves me running to the store multiple times a week to get something for dinner.

#4 DO MORE YOGA. We will have a special place for yoga in the new house, and I can’t wait!

#5 Start using more Essential Oils & get monthly massages. I finally found an amazing massage therapist here in Bentonville and I already scheduled my next appointment. She used some amazing essential oils which also lead me to this intention. I ordered a few  Essential Oils to get me started from Young Living. I will report back on how things are coming along! My back has been killing me lately and I felt so much better after my massage.

#6 This one is a little personal, and harder to achieve, but without writing a novel about it, I simply want to “fall in love with my body” I am so hard on myself in terms of body image.  I eat really healthy 90% of the time, and I work out 6 days a week.  I should appreciate and love what my body does for me ( I mean it ran 26.2 miles for me people) but instead I judge it from every aspect. I feel strong and happy with my body while I am running, working out, doing yoga etc… but as soon as I step on the scale all my confidence goes out the window and I let those 3 little numbers define me. I pledge 2015  (the year I turn 31) to be the be the year I fall in love with my body!

I just want to “be present” and “RUN happy” in 2015…

selfieOn to a lighter note, I have been searching for the perfect planner to kick off the new year and help me be more organized (not my strong suit). After reading a post from  Amanda over at Running with Spoons about her new planner, I decided to order the Erin Condren personalized  life planner for myself. Since it is “personalized” it takes a few weeks to arrive and patience is also not my strong suit. I can’t wait for it to get here and I plan to use it for #2 and #3 above. I purchased the meal planner inserts to go with it so I am setting myself up for success.

I think Ollie’s Intentions for 2015 are to get more treats, more kisses, and more blankets to snuggle in!

ollieAnd Lola’s 2015 intentions are to get more of those things than Ollie….My Dad just “kinda” spoils the spots off Lola.

LolaLola has been getting over a pretty nasty spider bite. At least that is what we/the doc think it was, She had a knot the size of a baseball on her hip. It has slowly decreased down to 3 spots where her hair fell out and there was a lot of draining. The doc had her on a few rounds of antibiotic and she is almost as good as new after a month or so of a very worried Mommy. The good news is, she never acted like it bothered or hurt her so that made me feel better.

Cheers, -SS

What is your biggest “intention” for 2015?

Any words of wisdom on how to  “fall in love with your body?”

Does anyone else like to use a life planner? If so which one?