I’m still here!

OH Hi! I took a long break and enjoyed life for about 3 weeks without stopping to tell you about it. I’m sorry! Just when I thought no one missed me, one of my favorite friends on the gram told me she missed my blog! Thanks Ashley, and even if you are the only one….well this is for you!

I didn’t do it on purpose I promise, but this is literally the first time I have been home for the weekend in the last 3 weeks.

tolleLots has happened in the meantime, so brace yourself for multiple post this week to get caught up. In between the last time we talked and now, I completed my 20 mile training run, ran a half marathon race in Little Rock, joined a brand new Fitness Club, and signed up for some exciting races for next year that I am anxious to tell you about. Lastly, I am officially in the taper zone and counting down the next 7 days 23 hours and 31 minutes until I run the Portland Marathon next weekend! This week is all about eating all the iron and sweet potatoes I can get my hands on.

Where do I even start. Let’s start with Nashville. Steve and I made the 8 hour road trip to Nashville for the long Labor Day weekend, and as usual had an amazing time. If you follow me on Instagram then this is going to be old news! I will say that for the first time ever I actually focused on the fun tracker more than the mile tracker than ever before when I have traveled. My foot had been hurting before we left so this break was exactly what it needed. I did sweat at least 2 of the 4 days but only 1 day was running and only 3 miles!

First stop in Nashville (literally) was this little Burger place we saw on the TV show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives called Gabby’s Burgers. Such a hole in the wall type place but they had Gluten Free buns! I can’t tell you the last time I have had a burger until this one and now I have had like 3 since…I met my quota for like 2 years.

gabbysNext stop after checking into our hotel was our favorite music spot and boy was it crowded!

tootsiesBirds eye view is always better. This is me getting into a vacation state of mind! It normally takes a good 24 hours to fully let loose.

Nashville state of mindWe found this coffee spot  called Crema last time we were in Nashville and I couldn’t wait to go back!

cremaWe got to hit up our favorite rooftop sushi place. Neither of us wanted to pick out the rolls so we did the Sushi tour which was the chef’s recommendations. It was good, but next time I’ll pick my own thank you!

viragoIf you can’t tell already the weekend was all about music, eating, sleeping, and repeating. I loved this cute little place called Butchertown Hall that I found on Instagram.

butchertown hallAnd so did everyone else because it was busy, but these tacos were worth the wait…not to mention the bloody mary! Plus I got the last one because they told the girl at the table next to us (you can see her pink jeans to the left) that they were out of bloody mary mix. WHAT?!?!? Who does that on a Sunday? They do make their own so I guess someone didn’t plan properly!

tacosAnd just like that, it was time to come home and DETOX, and get ready for my 20 MILER! Stay tuned to hear all about that weekend and the surprise that Steve had for me at the end! (no it was not a wedding ring- let’s not start those rumors)!

Cheers, SS

Happy Saturday! I am off to run 8 miles…. the longest I will run until the Portland Marathon next weekend! Eeek!

What have you been up to? Tell me everything, tell me something! I miss you guys! 

When you think you can’t go any farther…YOU CAN!

There is really nothing like completely exhausting yourself with a long run that makes you feel the strongest you have ever felt! Running has changed my life in so many ways, and without getting too emotional about it, lets just say I am thankful for every mile even if I woke up less than excited about 19 ahead of me yesterday!

I thought about this yesterday on my 19 mile run when I really wanted to quit at mile 16…like really. I wanted to call Steve and have him come pick me up. Thankfully I knew he wouldn’t answer anyway because he was on a long bike ride. I didn’t want to walk home because that would take forever. SO I talked myself into just doing 18 then I would let myself walk the last mile. When I got to mile 18 I started all my head games….”comfort is not what you were looking for” “you are stronger than this” “race day is going to feel like this” and apparently it worked and I pushed through with a strong finish and even thought at mile 19 …” I could keep going if I had to” Thinking of my 2:00 Massage appointment didn’t hurt either!

garminThis run was a lot harder than my 18 a couple weeks ago, which starts to mess with your head and your confidence level, but I try to remind myself that every run is different and there are so many factors. I didn’t feel well this week, late nights at the office, work dinners, monthly visitor, tired from traveling the last 2 weeks, highest mileage so far in training, and the list could go on! So even though this run didn’t feel as strong as the last long run, I am going to focus on being really strong for the next long run of 20.

Okay, the word to picture ratio above is bad  and I am sorry! Here are ALL the pictures with “fewer” words I promise!

Things you see in Arkansas while running LONG.

PelicanFriday afternoon record store perusing!

recordsNothing like a new coffee to make your week!

coffeeAll day every day again this year….

peachesMy favorite place to be after a long day at work…

wine patioHappy National Dog Day!

national dog dayGluten free Beer and gluten free  pizza before the long run!

gluten free beer40 total miles this week, 8 of which were on Monday morning!

Monday garminDid you see Julianne Hough’s engagement ring…..how could you miss it, it is 6 karats.

hough ringEnding the week at a great Fashion Show event raising money for Cystic Fibrosis! Until it started pouring rain and we came home to watch a movie and I ate a Gluten Free pizza because…well 19 miles, and there were only small appetizers at the event!

cffI love Sunday! Hope yours is amazing! I am excited for a short week and the upcoming Labor Day Holiday. I took off on Friday, and my company is closed on Monday/Tuesday so Steve and I are headed to our favorite spot Thursday night after work…..NASHVILLE!

Cheers, -SS

Thoughts on running long and feeling strong?

What makes you feel the strongest?

Tell me something strange/interesting you saw while running/working out this week?

Somewhat Silent Sunday

I am home for a few days before heading back to New York for work again this week. I had a great trip this week and I am actually looking forward to next week too. I am attending a training, and those always get me excited. #nerdalert Plus this trip I am getting my hair done so that is always fun. This past week I traveled with several coworkers (one of which is an amazing foodie) and we had some delicious food. My upcoming trip this week I am flying solo so I am sure my evening meals will not be nearly as exciting.

I always wonder what I was thinking when I book 6AM flights on a Monday, and then I remember it is because it is the only direct flight option. Being at the airport by 5AM means a 3:30AM wake up call that makes me do things like leave my car window down in the airport parking lot for the whole week. Don’t ask people, I have no idea. I hope it didn’t rain. Coffee and the latest edition of Runner’s World that I have been saving to read on this flight helped me wake up!

runners worldTravel day is always the longest day, because we go straight to the office when we get there at 10AM. It was restaurant week in New York and we ate a place called Butter. I had the Grouper, and by looking at this pic I don’t think I even have to tell you how amazing it was.

butter nycI was ready to hop on the treadmill Tuesday morning after not being able to get in a work out on Monday. My home sweet Marriott home treadmill was waiting for me.

treadmillFast forward through another long day at work and dinner Tuesday night was at Gato, one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants. We didn’t see him, unfortunately. I had the Mushroom and Kale Paella which was amazing but somehow did not get a picture of that, but I did get a picture of my salad which was also amazing!

GatoThe weather in New York was amazing and compared to home it was quite the breath of fresh air. We walked quite a ways after dinner to this cute little bar for Chocolate Martini’s! I don’t typically drink stuff like this, but it was the perfect after dinner treat!

choc martiniHalf of our group left the next day so the 3 of us that were left ate dinner the next night at a cute little Mexican restaurant called Gabriella’s, where we sat outside for hours in the amazing weather.

I left New York on Thursday afternoon and was home in time to enjoy a glass of wine in my favorite spot. There really is no place like home! However, the spiders tried to take over my spot while I was gone so I had to reclaim my territory. I told Steve he has to sit out here so they don’t get cozy again this week!

home sweet homeIt was a pleasant surprise to come home to much cooler temps and less humidity. After being on the treadmill all week,  I couldn’t wait to get outside and run on Friday morning. 5 miles never felt so good!

Yesterday was my long run, and I had 18 on the agenda. As you recall from last week my 17 didn’t go so well, so I was lacking confidence to say the least. I am happy to say that it was an amazing run, with amazing weather. It felt almost like a fall morning when I stepped outside at 67 degrees. I got started at 6:30am. I had to stop at the Farmer’s Market for a water refill and then again at the gas station for a gatorade which  I never drink while running, but I was craving it so badly. It was like rocket fuel and I was running faster in the last 2 miles than than I had ran all day. This was one of those runs, where I can truly say “ I left nothing out there”

garminAfter Steve got home from his bike ride we headed out for out usual Saturday Fish Tacos which I have stopped photographing since we eat them every single Saturday. After lunch we went grocery shopping and when we got home we both were tired so Steve took a nap inside while I napped outside.

resting my legsWhen I woke up I was raring to get out of the house so we took a drive about 30 minutes North across the state line to stock up on wine! It’s cheaper there, and so are the taxes so we do a stock up trip every so often! I love having a a fully stocked wine bar.

saturdayDinner was Mexican food and a Skinny Margarita.  I came home wanting to get in the hot tub and listen to music and look at the stars but steve was not feeling it, so I hot tubbed ( is that a verb) by myself with a glass of wine. If you haven’t done any star gazing lately, I highly recommend. It’s good for the soul!

I have no plans for Sunday, so the possibilities are endless! Happy Sunday Funday everyone!

Cheers, -SS

How was your run/workouts this weekend?

Any recommendations for restaurants and/or roof top bars for my trip to New York this week?

This Plus That Equals 17

So about that 17 miles I was suppose to run yesterday…..yeah that didn’t happen. We are under a heat advisory here in Arkansas with actual temps nearing 100 and the “feels like” even higher. I knew as soon as I took the first few steps yesterday at 6:30AM that 17 was not probable. About 3 miles in I had already decided to adjust accordingly and do 5 out and 5 back for 10 miles instead. 17 was a goal I had set for myself not taking into account how the whether would be right now. When I got back I stopped off at the gym to run another 2 miles on the treadmill for a total of 12 miles for Saturday.

I am traveling to New York on Monday morning for work so there won’t be any time to get in a run so I ran the other 5 miles today on my usual rest day for a total weekend mileage of 17. Hey at least I got there….even if it took me 2 days and a treadmill!

garminI will be MIA this week, and unfortunately maybe even longer, because I come home for a few days only to go back to New York the following week! Wish me luck people! In the meantime…my bags are all packed and I am waiting for dinner to be ready so I can eat and go to bed with the street lights. 3:30AM wake up call!

I must keep this short and sweet and show you my week in 1 million pictures worth 1 billion words!

Spin class again this week….

spinFinally painted that other end table… all house projects are finally complete!

paintingI plan to wear these all day er’day …

shoesLoving my all black decision for the next 300 miles….

asicsSadie got some new jewels….

sadieThis past work week was a stressful one. Dinner at the office, getting home past my bedtime, and getting to work at 6:30AM…..this made it better! Thanks mom for the bubble bath! It truly did make it better!

bubble bathThis picture my Mom sent me of my Dad and Ollie made it better too….I raised my fur baby like a human baby I think! Sorry Dad….

OllieFriday night finally came, and it was as glorious as I imagined….

friday nightAfter my super sweaty miles on yesterday I met up with my friend Carolyn for fish tacos and these…..

bloody maryAfter my 5 miles this morning I hit the pool up at 9AM and stayed a little over an hour until all the kiddos arrived!

poolI hope you all have a wonderful week!

Cheers, -SS

Tell me something interesting about your week?!? 

The last 2 weeks….in pictures!

Long time no talk! I am like the worst blogger ever lately and I apologize for that! I struggle with loving to blog vs. living so I have things to blog about.

Mom and I headed to Kansas City for the weekend last week while Steve was in New York for boys weekend. This was our 3rd annual girls shopping trip to KC and we had a great time. Last year I forgot my running shoes but this time my Mom made sure I put them in my bag….I must be grumpy when I don’t run! The first night we had sushi and this was the only picture I took from the whole trip. It’s nice to disconnect sometimes and just BE.

sushiI have been really enjoying the early morning sunrise, and it makes getting out of bed to run before anyone else is awake totally worth it.

landscapeI got my tire on my bike replaced after the blowout I had a couple weeks ago. Riding my bike in the early morning is the best form of therapy!

road bikeI learned that just because you assemble your breakfast in a mason jar doesn’t mean you should eat it out of the same jar. Adding almond butter and trying stir this with a normal spoon at work got quite messy but it still tasted yummy!

breakfast jarI got the sweetest surprise in the mail from my dear friend Kristin over at Peptalks & Ponytails. She is so thoughtful! She sent me purple potatoes after I raved about some she had made on her blog, plus she sent me the softest ever tank, plus she sent the best ever coffee mug that literally just makes my coffee taste better when I drink out of it! #truestory

the best surpriseAnd to make things even better she came to see me yesterday after I finished my long run! She lives a few hours away but was in town so she took time out of their busy day so I could see their sweet faces and hold her littles! Okay her 2 year old didn’t really let me hold him per say but he was okay with my holding his sister! #compromise

Speaking of my long run, I had 13 on the agenda for Saturday, so you know I had to make it 13.1 because well I am weird like that! Breakfast started really early with Gluten Free Toast, Almond Butter, &  Banana. And coffee of course!

long run breakfastI started running at 6:30AM trying to beat the heat. I was really lucky and managed to beat the beaming sun until about the last 3 miles. Next weekend I have 15 so I am going to have to go even earlier if I want to beat the mid 90 degree temps we are experiencing. Not to mention the 90%+ humidity!

garminAs usual thinking about this smoothie got me through the last few miles!

smoothieSteve and I have been enjoying cooking on the grill lately! He made these beautiful sirloin steak kabobs for me this week, after my subtle blatant hints of how he never cooks dinner! It’s hard to tell from the picture but I added the purple potatoes P&P sent me after boiling them to soften a little first!

kabobsIn the name of fashion, I have to show you the clutch I bought from Jcrew. I haven’t received it yet but this Jcrew photo will do it more justice that I will. I am sure I will look just like this when I carry it though! #dreambig

jcrew clutchAnd lastly, in slow progress house news we are almost settled minus things being hung on the walls! Steve promised he will do that today so we will see. I have some plants being delivered to the house today  that I am super excited about. More on that later! I am loving these book ends that I got from West Elm after my Mom and I saw them in Kansas City, I ended up ordering them when I got home on sale!

bookendsCheers, SS

Have a wonderful Sunday! Mid 90’s here today so we will likely be spending most of the day indoors. I tried to talk Steve into taking me to play golf but he can’t handle the heat!! I would probably die too but my ambition is stronger than my ability sometimes!

What are you up to this weekend?

What is the temperature where you are?

Run Long, Go Big, & Go Home

Hi Hi! It’s Sunday! My favorite day to stop in and write to my little corner of the inter webs! Thank goodness for weekends. So far my weekend has been great, and as I type while sipping coffee early on this morning, I am dreaming of all the things I can do today. I tend to make lofty goals in the morning while drinking coffee and by 10AM I realize how crazy my plan was and end up getting like 1 of 793 things on my list done!

sunday morningBacking up to Friday…..Friday afternoon started the weekend for me and I headed to my monthly massage appointment. My massage therapist has been training to do massages with her feet. She had bars installed on the ceiling and all. I know it sounds crazy but I gave it a try on Friday and wow! She was right, she is able to get a lot deeper into the muscle. It was especially helpful on my glutes and hamstrings that never get that kind of deep massage. After my massage I headed home for our usual Friday night pizza night!

pizza I woke up early as usual on Saturday, and I drove to my favorite running path and got my 10 miles promptly underway. Unfortunately, because of all the rain we have been getting my trail had been closed at about mile 3.5  so I was forced to re-route and make a few repeat loops around the dark park. This week’s 10 miler went better than last week but it was still tough. I normally don’t carry fuel with me on anything under 13 miles but I need reevaluate that in this hot weather because I have been completely running out of gas on mile 8 the last 2 weekends.

After my run, Steve and I went for our usual Fish Tacos then made a trip to Sam’s Club to get some groceries for the week and snacks for a party we were attending last night! I got some really great cheeses, gluten free crackers, low salt blue corn chips, and a giant tub of hummus for the party! I also had time to fit in a quick pedicure before heading out to the lake to our friends house!

We had so much fun last night.  There were 8 in attendance and the food was as good as the company! We enjoyed sitting out on the boat dock, noshing on the snacks I brought, and lots of girl talk! The boys did their own thing while we did ours! Then our party planner of the evening organized the best meal I have had in a very long time. Steak, mushrooms, asparagus, yukon potatoes, caesar salad, and compound butters to make the potatoes and steak even more decadently delicious! We were celebrating a wonderful accomplishment of our friend and let’s just say the party planner pulled out all the stops including the Dom Perignon! This is the only picture I have from the evening. I put my phone away in my bag and didn’t take it out all night. I really enjoyed being PRESENT!

domSteve and I had scheduled a car service to pick us up at the end of the night and although we were having so much fun we didn’t want to leave, I am thankful that I got out before creating a hangover for myself today! #lifegoals

In house news, I am still not ready to give my virtual house tour yet. We still have a few things to do decorating wise, but things are coming together! Sometimes all it takes is a giant rug to pull things together!

rugsI was so excited to come home to my custom jewelry drawers on my doorstep on Friday! I found a company online called the October Company, and I was able to provide my drawer dimensions and pick out the layout, color, and material for these drawers. They fit like a glove and I love them more than one should love a box made of felt!

jewelry drawers 1And that’s a wrap! Off to make Sunday dreams come true!

Cheers, -SS

Last time you had a great night with a group of friends? I love any reason to celebrate!

How did your run go this weekend? Better than last weekend!

Life Goals for Sunday? To accomplish as many things on my over achiever  “made with coffee” list as possible.

Scenes from the 4th of July + 10 Miles

I hope everyone had an amazing day celebrating our great country’s Birthday! This is one of my very favorite holiday’s and Steve and I were so excited that we were able to move in just in time to grill out and enjoy the 4th with our new neighbors.

First, before I show you scenes from the weekend, I am having my coffee and breakfast in my new favorite spot on our patio this morning….we already have some new friends (aka squirrels) who are not afraid to come right up on the porch. I suppose we have invaded their home by building our home! Hopefully we can all share!

Sunday MorningI woke up early on the 4th to get my miles underway! I had 10 on the agenda from coach. I knew the 4th would be a day of indulgence (aka ALL the BBQ + ALL the wine) so I was happy to be starting off with a good sweat session. It was SO hot yesterday and I waited a little too late to get started. I was busy editing pictures (more on that in a minute) and by the time I left the house the sun was in full glory! I haven’t mapped my route out well enough just yet and I didn’t plan a stop for more water and my water belt didn’t last me the entire time. I ended up having to incorporate 2 x 400 meter walking recoveries during the last 2 miles to get me to the end.  10 miles actually turned into 9.5 of those running and .5 walking.

After I got home I spent about 15 minutes in the steam shower (100% the best part of the new house) then quickly got ready so Steve and I could head out to have our usual Saturday Fish Tacos.

convertibleWhen we got home Steve got right to work getting our giant pork butt on the green egg! Here is the final product….

Pork ButtWhile Steve worked on his piece of art I worked on mine! I am so excited to finally have my vision come to life. These shelves were built entirely for this vision and it took them about 3 times to get it right. 1 of which was them tearing it all down and starting completely over, but they finally got it perfectly right! These are all 8 x 10 black and white photos that I have taken from travels and various other places. Steve cut the boards the pictures are on and then we spray glued them all on. I still have a few holes to fill in at the top but I am so happy with how it turned out. The great part of doing it this way instead of buying frames for all the pictures (aside from saving a bajillion dollars on frames) is that I can easily change out the pictures. P.S for the record the “vision” was not for there to be a giant TV in the middle of my wall but this is the office and Steve really wanted one so I had to compromise. The other wall is all covered with a built in desk and book cases.

the wall 2Just when Steve thought he was about to get a break these giant rugs arrived on our doorstep. Not to mention that mirror that is still awaiting to be hung!

rugs 2Unfortunately they are still there because Steve convinced me he didn’t need to work on the 4th of July since he helped with my picture project. I agreed and we spent the day watching Soccer while our pork smoked on the grill  all day and filled the air with wonderful aromas!

SteveIf you are seeing a theme throughout the house…..Steve likes TV’s so he basically wanted to put one in every room including outside on the patio! I for one am more excited about lighting a real fire in this fireplace come fall! Bring me firewood Dad!! Pretty Please!

I have to say it was nice to enjoy the outdoors while also getting to watch soccer and a little food network for good measure!

outdoor tvSteve was skeptical when I ordered these Yeti Rambler cups on amazon that are suppose to keep your beverage icy cold for hours. My friend told me about them after she took them on a trip to Mexico. We tried them out yesterday and Steve is now a believer!!!

yeti ramblerAfter we enjoyed our BBQ Pork and some fresh guacamole I contributed to the meal, we filled our Yeti’s and headed over to our neighbor’s house to enjoy some fireworks while getting to know people around the neighborhood. Our new neighbor also happens to be our builder so he kinda has to be our friend since we spent the last year talking every single day!

And just like that all the fireworks were shot our Yeti’s were empty and it was time to head home! It was a GREAT first 4th of July in our new home. I am already starting to dread that tomorrow is back to reality/work day! BUT I am reminding myself to be present! It’s not even 8AM yet, Steve is still sleeping,  my coffee is still be sipped, and Sunday Sunday hasn’t even really started yet. SO let’s all be PRESENT and just enjoy the day without worrying about tomorrow or the next day! Deal?!? Deal!!!!

Cheers, -SS

How did you spend your 4th of July? Any traditions you do every year? Ours is smoking the pork butt

Getting Settled in The New House

Ya’ll we are all moved in and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out with the house! There will always be little things that we wish we had done….like put an outlet here or there, but everything is perfect. We worked so hard for 3 days straight last weekend and got almost everything unpacked. The office and the loft are still in disarray but I am off work today and tomorrow so I plan to tackle those two rooms. Oh and nothing has been hung on the walls so Steve still has to do that. Hoping he will do it tomorrow since he is also off work tomorrow! We are so excited to be moved in for the Fourth of July weekend and we are ready to GRILL ALL THE FOOD after not being able to grill for basically a year in the apartment. I will be sharing more pictures once I get things really settled but don’t worry my closet (the most important room) was the first room to be tackled. My Mom and Dad came to help us move on Saturday and Mom and I spent a few hours in here!

closetMy second favorite place in the house is my bath tub. I have spent every evening in here!

bath tubWe got the sweetest surprise from our new neighbor when we moved in. I have never had this happen so it was so special to me! She baked the yummiest muffins for us and left her cell number on the card in case we need anything. I wasn’t able to eat them but I didn’t tell her that! #glutenfreeproblems but Steve assured me they were the softest most delicious he had ever had! I believe him because he already ate them all.


And since this blog isn’t about house building, let’s talk about SWEAT!! Since Steve and I lived in this neighborhood before we moved to the apartment while our house was being built, I am familiar with the running route. I am in a different location and happen to be up a really steep hill (hello forced hill work) so I am still figuring out my exact 4 and 5 mile loops but I am getting there. On Monday, my coach had me do a 6.5 mile tempo run and I overshot my route and ended up running 7.2 miles because I didn’t have time to walk the difference home, but I’ll never complain about more miles!

I am really excited to be back to my favorite bike route and decided to head out for a 45 minute ride Wednesday morning for my cross train day. Oh how I missed my morning bike therapy!


 I have still been using the gym in our neighborhood even though we didn’t live here because we were still paying dues! BUT now it is literally a long stones throw from my house so it is super convenient. Today I headed to the gym for my hill repeats, because coach likes for me to do them on the treadmill.

Today’s workout: 
15 minutes easy running
56 minutes on 3% incline 9:20-10:05 pace- 2 minute walking recovery between each set
10 minutes easy running

I also spent 15 minutes on weights after I got done since I didn’t do any arm work this week! Holy Moly do the hill repeats bring the the burn! Now I need to EAT ALL THE FOOD today!

hill repeats

In blogging news, my laptop screen decided to go out on me during the move. I know it couldn’t have been from the move because I had delivered it neatly myself to the new house. WHOMP! It had to be mailed off to Apple and that bill is going to come it at a whopping $400 that I would rather not spend on something like that, but what are you going to do.  Things in life could be way worse! I tell myself how lucky I am every day so this little setback is not all that bad! In the meantime I hooked my PC up at the kitchen table because well the office is still filled with boxes and I can’t work in that environment! ha! Breakfast was chia pudding I prepped on Sunday plus coffee of course!


This post turned out way longer than planned. I guess I talk a lot after having my coffee! Oops!

Cheers, -SS

What are your Fouth of July Plans? Grilling and Fireworks here!

Sriracha Muchacha & MOVING DAY!

I feel like Blue Diamond created this particular almond flavor just for little ol’ me!

almondsSeriously though, I eat Sriracha like every single day…and you may think I am exaggerating, but if I don’t eat it at lunch with my chicken and rice bowl then I eat it on my salad for dinner and sometimes both! #ilikeitspicy I promise there is wild salmon under all those veggies.

saladSO you might conclude that I was super dee duper excited when Blue Diamond sent me these almonds to inhale…I mean taste!

The options here are endless and although I didn’t get creative with these little jewels (nom nom nom) I think they would work really well to make almond encrusted chicken like I did a while back with the honey mustard almonds. Too bad I ate all mine or I would make that tonight come to think of it!

Honey Dijon  Almond Encrusted ChickenI love to buy various flavors of these little almond cans so I can easily curb a craving whether it be a salty or sweet tooth. My Dad loves them too, so you better believe I bought him a couple cans for Father’s Day! #daughteroftheyear

On another note…ITS MOVING DAY PEOPLE! We close on our house at 9:00AM this morning.  I took off work today to get this party started. I am about to get in some good sweaty miles then get right to work! Steve and I are moving everything we can on our own today, then the movers come tomorrow morning for all the big stuff! We won’t actually be sleeping in our new abode until tomorrow night….unless I decide to camp out in my closet which is quite possible.


Has anyone else tried the Sriracha Almonds? RUN don’t WALK to get them ASAP!

** Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. As usual here on Sweet & Sweaty these thoughts are my very own and I would never promote anything to you that I didn’t LOVE!!

Cheers, SS

First Day of Summer, Packing, & Contouring

Well runner friends it is officially summer and Arkansas summer’s are HOT and HUMID, which is the worst conditions a runner could ask for. My body is starting to acclimate a little to the humidity and when I run super early during the week things aren’t too bad, but on Saturday when I sleep in just a little and don’t run until 7AM it is already sun blazing hot. The  thing I love about summer running is the fact that you can wear way less clothes….tanks and shorts all the way please. However, now putting on sunscreen is an extra step I can’t forget because being out in the sun for a couple hours without it is a bad idea! Am I right?

Yesterday’s 10 miler was a little on the slow side. I had to stop at the gas station to refill my water bottles, but overall it felt great! And good thing I love to sweat because summer running will certainly bring on the sweat. I almost need a towel on me to keep the sweat from dripping down my face….if anyone has a recommended solution for this let me know.

GarminAnd for the last 2 miles I was dreaming up my smoothie. And when I say dreaming, I mean trying to recall what all ingredients I had on hand. Turned out to be Half a Banana + 1/2 cup Frozen Blueberries + handful of spinach + 1 tablespoon Hemp Protein Powder + 1/2 Cup Almond Milk + a few ice cubes. YUM!

smoothieSunday Funday here at our apartment is all about packing!!! We move into our new house in 6 days and now my least favorite part just has to happen! Well I do at least have a special treat today and that would be a 90 minute massage. It was suppose to be yesterday but my masseuse was not feeling well so we rescheduled. Steve thinks I planned it on packing day but I swear I didn’t!

So speaking of the house they still have a few things to finish this week and it seems as if all the little stuff will take forever….like staining the patio! BUT the outdoor fireplace went up super quick!

outdoor fireplaceAnd now that one of the most important things has been installed I think we can pretty much move in…..that would be the Refrigerator!

Fridge is inThis is my current inspiration for the pantry!

pantryAnd just to make sure we cover off on all the random topics…..contouring! Anyone else implementing this into their makeup routine?

contouringEverytime I go to buy the Kat Von D Contour palette it is sold out…..so when they had them in stock this week I snatched it up right away! I tried it for the first time last night. I still needs lots of practice. I am not sure if I looked fabulous or like I had lines of dirt on my face! hahah! It’s truly a thin line!

contour pallette

Well it’s off to pack now that Steve is awake. He has me on a strict regimen today! It’s go time folks!

Cheers, -SS

Anyone else try contouring their makeup yet? Tips Please??

Tips for making packing suck less?