2015 Miles in the Rearview

I’m sure no one remembers, but last year around this time I set an intention to track every single mile I ran for 2015. It is so nice to look back on a goal and see that you carried it though the entire year. It also makes you realize just how fast the year passes you by.

cold gear

I used my planner to track miles daily. Using a garmin makes this easy but by writing them down I also captured all those times I had to hit the treadmill when traveling for work or the weather took me indoors. I had that little marathon in there too so when you take a look at my monthly totals you can easily see when I was training for the marathon!

I ran a total of 1,152 miles!! Here is what it looked like by month.

  • January: 81
  • February: 75
  • March:98
  • April: 78
  • May 95
  • June 126
  • July 131
  • August 154
  • September 111
  • October 80
  • November 64
  • December 61
  • Total: 1,152

I haven’t decided yet whether another marathon is in my future for this year, but time will tell. I watched a documentary on ultra-marathon runners this weekend! Bad idea! Now I have that in my head. Right now I have really been enjoying my Build & Burn gym classes at Abnormal Fitness. It’s a lot like orange theory in that you wear a heart rate monitor that is displayed on the screen in class so you are motivated to work hard!! I love my group and I have been going 3 days a week and running 3 days a week.

Monday is a gym day and I am off work today for MLK Day.  I still hit up my 6AM class because I love my classmates!  We  woke up to snow on the ground today, so I am enjoying a morning at home in my robe with some Spark. The movie Runaway Bride just happened to be on so I had watch that of course!

RobeThe more I eat healthy food on this 24 Day Challenge the more I crave good food, so I am snacking on the fruit I prepped for the week while watching chick flicks. I should note….Steve was not off work today!

fruitHave a wonderful Monday!!

Cheers, -SS

Are you working today?

Did you complete any goals you set out to do at the beginning of the year? This may have been a first for me!


  1. Such an impressive year of running for you! Waita go girl!

    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      Thanks girl! It’s amazing once you add it up and realize just how many miles you put in! I only added it up at the 6 month mark and the end so I really had no idea, especially after cutting back significantly after the marathon! I am so lost after training cycles like that. I need some new motivation! I watched a documentary on ultra marathons yesterday! Yikes! Hope you are well! Heading over to catch up on your blog now:)

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