Trick or Treat + 9 Miles for Halloween

I always love those kids that come to the door asking for a trick instead of a treat. I have to let them down every time and tell them I have no tricks!

Halloween started out dreary and rainy yesterday but with a half marathon on the books for next weekend I had no choice but to get my 9 miles in despite the rain. I don’t mind running in the rain as long as it isn’t pouring. I feel like a kid running in the rain, like I am not suppose to be there! Although my Mom seemed to let us play in the rain if we wanted to. I can remember mud sliding in our yard when I was 5. I mostly just did whatever my brother did but I was always the one to get hurt trying to keep up! It never stopped me though. Especially when my brother thought it would be a great idea to just beat the training wheels off my bike with a hammer since Dad didn’t think I was ready. My brother thought I was ready and turns out I was. I learned to ride that day! My Dad never got mad he just laughed at us when he walked out and I was riding on my own like a champ at 5 years old! Now the time my brother took the chains off that same bike and said it would be fun to ride to the bottom of the hill with no brakes was another story that ended with Dad having to peel my body from the pavement at the bottom of the hill!  ahhh memory lane…what were we talking about? Oh yeah, running in the rain!

The fall foliage is ridiculously beautiful right now! I stopped to take this picture even though it had started to rain a bit harder at this point and I still had 2.5 miles to go!

saturday runAfter my run and Steve had been to gym we headed to have our Saturday Fish Tacos since it had been a couple weeks since we had them. Then we drove up North 15 minutes to Missouri to stock up on wine! We made a trip to Sam’s Club to get groceries and steaks for dinner then headed home. I must have been tired because I crashed hard for a nap. But I was up and raring to go when I heard Steve start to break the candy out!

candy 2I may or may not be hopped up on Butterfingers and wine above! I get really excited for trick or treaters in our neighborhood. They come through by the dozens, and I run out of candy every year, but not this year. NO Sir! I was ready!

lots of candyWe set up shop out front and just wait for the madness! It’s fun because you get to meet a lot of the adults in the neighborhood too, and since we just moved back in and live on a different street than we did before we still have a lot of neighbors to meet! Steve attracted a lot of kids and parents with his Giants football flag out front!

halloween 1I knew my wine cup from the broadway show Wicked would come in handy again one day!
wine and candyWe live up a steep hill and I told Steve I thought it would cut down on our trick or treaters this year. He didn’t believe me until later he said “I don’t normally say this, but you were right, the hill did deter some of the kids” We still passed out almost every single bit of the candy so I guess that is good because I would hate to turn away the princesses and ninja turtles. By the way, my best conversation of the night was with a 5ish year old ninja turtle!

I may or may not like to be the lady who gives the biggest handfuls of candy! It was so funny how all the kids were like “you give the best handfuls” “thank you for the big handful” and they all commented on our doorbell! Steve is pretty excited about our doorbell that he picked out. All you do is wave your hand in front of it. It’s hilarious how adults don’t get it but the kids rang it over and over and then were like “we are sorry for ringing your doorbell so many times but it is awesome, I couldn’t help myself”  I was starting to think they were all just impatient little beggers until they started commenting on it.

By 9:30 all the treaters had died down so we turned off the light and watched the rest of the World Series before heading to bed.

It’s another cold dreary day today in Arkansas. Which is why I have been drinking all the tea and eating all the soup!

teaLast week I was in quite the baking mood and I made these Cookie Dough Date Balls! So good, Steve even wanted them all week!

cookie dough ballsIt is too cold this weekend to have another one of these smoothie bowls but I successfully recreated my smoothie bowl at home after paying over $11 for one last week!

smoothie bowl

Happy Sunday and Daylight Savings! Enjoy your extra hour!

Cheers, -SS

Do you enjoy passing out candy or dressing up yourself for Halloween?

Thoughts on running in the rain? Love it or hate it? Steve thinks I am crazy because I like it!


  1. I am obsessed with sugar and wine-fueled photo in your kitchen, LOL. Add in severe sleep deprivation and that was me on Halloween as well 😉 Kyle and I learned the hard way that people in Florida also sit outside to hand out candy. I had never heard of such a thing! Next year 😉
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