When you can’t Run….YOU?

I am going crazy over here as I haven’t been able to run since Tuesday. Today is Saturday people….that is 4 days. This is going to be more info than you care to know but we keep it real here on Sweet & Sweaty. I have had an ingrown toe nail bothering me for the better part of a year. I have been avoiding getting it cut out for just this reason. I saw a podiatrist back in July and she recommended I just ride out summer sandals and finish my marathon then come back. SO that is what I did. I was expecting to be down a couple days but now 4 days later and it still hurts to wear a shoe and girl is going bonkers! I have been working out barefoot in my loft to some  Popsugar videos on you tube in the meantime just to get my endorphins flowing.

toeIt’s nice when your boyfriend works for Johnson & Johnson so I have access to ALL the first aid gear I could ever want. I have an irrational fear that this will get infected and they will have to remove my toe! #dramatic

cleaningThe benefits of not being able to run are few but one of them is waking up when it is light outside. I really enjoyed waking up to fall this morning.

waking up to fallAnother benefit is not being hungry all the time. BUT I still had my run fuel this morning for good measure.

breakfastSteve text me yesterday at work and ask if I wanted to go to Kansas City to see the Royals baseball game today! of course I said “Hellz Yeah” We had some celebrating to do tonight (more announcements on that later) and this sounds way more fun than a fancy dinner tonight! Plus I told him I needed something to keep my mind off the fact that I can’t run today!

Keep up with me on the gram for all things weekend. I am traveling for work next week to Phoenix, AZ so I may or may not be able to stop back in to say hi. BUT everyone please PRAY I am running by then or things are going to get UGLY I tell you!

Cheers, SS

Happy Weekend!

What do you do when you can’t run?

Anyone else with ingrown toenail  experiences? This was my first one ever! eek!

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