I Came, I Saw, I Conquered….The Portland Marathon Part 1

I can’t believe the Portland Marathon is already behind me. You put so much of yourself into training and it is all over in the blink of an eye….okay a 4.5 hour blink but you get the idea. The good news is, I beat my time from my last and 1st Marathon by exactly 7 minutes. I finished in 4:33:44 while my time last year was 4:40:44.

post raceThe bad news is, A. I didn’t hit my goal of 4:20 that I had been training for and B. This race hurt!

I am so thankful I had a good race for my first marathon because if this had been my first I don’t think I would ever do another. I text Steve after I finished and told him if I tried to sign up for a marathon next year to slap me! Of course, by the time I got home I was already thinking about next year and how I can get better. I can’t end on a bad race. This picture was taken as soon as I crossed the finish and collected my medal. By my slightly hunched over position I think you can see the pain!

post race painSo can we back up and talk about the events before the race and Portland for a minute? I had never been to Portland, but just as I suspected I fell in love. Mainly with all food choices that catered to Gluten Free and Vegan varieties. If you remember I can’t eat Gluten or Eggs, but this place was my haven. Maggie got to Portland a few hours before me but when I arrived at 5pm we got checked in to our hotel at the Marriott Waterfront and headed out to dinner. We checked out the Portland Grille first,  a rooftop restaurant with amazing views. We ordered wine and some sashimi apps but weren’t feeling the heavy dinner menu so we ended up at Clyde Common for some tapas type eats! Yes 2 glasses of wine on Friday before a Marathon on Sunday wasn’t the best decision I ever made, but you have to live a little too!

first night wineSteve has never been to Portland either and he had text me to request that I send pictures….but not of my food! So naturally this was the first picture I sent him. 100% gluten free menu and cold pressed juice. Maggie had met up with her cousin for lunch so I went solo to this little gem that was inside a yoga studio. Prasad Cafe is amazing if you are ever in the area.

lunchWe did a lot of shopping on Saturday before we hit up the race expo to grab our bibs. I can’t explain the euphoria I was in when I was standing on a 4 corner block with Whole Foods, Madewell, and Lululemon on 3 of the 4 corners. After walking around quite a bit we headed back to the hotel to rest our legs.

compressionNeither one of us could really nap so we headed out for a 2 mile shake out run. I felt great on the run but Maggie wasn’t feeling great. Guess who ran a sub 4 hour marathon? MAGGIE I am so proud of her 3:59:11 finish for her very first marathon. Granted she does a half ironman and Triathlons like it’s her job but she has respect for the distance of 26.2 and she killed it folks!

After our run we headed down to the river to take some pictures. Maggie hopped up here with ease but this 31 year old almost pulled something trying to get up here. Not sure what I was thinking the day before a marathon. Just get me down!

outtakeThe parks and scenery around Portland were amazing and I couldn’t get over how the camera just did not do it justice.

portland park

sceneryDinner time was a breeze the night before the race. I found a gluten free pizza place that even delivered. I asked if their crust had egg whites in it…nope it’s vegan! Perfect! This is the best gluten free pizza I have had to date, and I actually looked at the receipt a couple times just to make sure it said gluten free.

pizzaWe were in bed by 9pm. Maggie was smart and brought us some bedtime tea to help us sleep and it did the job!

bedtime teaRace morning came bright and early. We got our breakfast and coffee down and headed to the start. The temps were in high 40’s to low 50’s for the start of the race. Perfectly brisk!

pre raceMaggie and I were both in Coral D, which was nice because we were able to stay together until the start. I knew she would be taking off without me, but it was comforting knowing she was up there not far ahead.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow since this turned out longer than I planned. But first…

Who is Maggie? I try not to exploit my friends here on the ol’ blog, but let me tell you how awesome this lady is. I am trying to get her to start her own blog, so feel free to tell her so as well in the comments. She is a coworker turned friend. She moved from New York to Arkansas for work and I am so glad she did. She inspires me daily with her free spirit and passion for all things running, cycling, and swimming. She is 27 and is living life to the fullest and inspiring others along the way! She was the best travel buddy I could have asked for especially since we were sharing a room. I am 31 and I don’t share my space well at this age. She told me right away that she didn’t have any “things” when it came to the hotel room so if I had “things” to just let her know. I got to pick my side of the room.

Her Side: again I am jealous of her free spirt!

her side

My Side: The struggle is real!

my sideShe was our navigator of the city for the weekend, and I took full advantage. I should note she had never been to Portland either but girl is resourceful and made friends we didn’t even know we had!

maggie 1Maggie played volleyball in college and is well versed in motivating the team! Her motto “look like crap, feel like crap, play like crap” We laugh because we both work for a makeup company so a little mascara and lipstick for a marathon seems fitting. She goes by MaggieSytlz on Instagram so look her up and tell her the world needs to hear her voice!

pumped up

Cheers, SS

Time for Sunday Funday and I think a bike ride might be in order for today along with a trip to Target!

Stay tuned for more on the actual 26.2 miles tomorrow!

Have you had a bad race before even though you may have PR’d?

Have you been to Portland? What was your favorite part?


  1. Eeeekkkkk!! What a fun trip! And I love Maggie already!! What a fun friend!!
    I am dying to visit Oregon someday and this post just sent me into full blown “must go asap” mode!
    I am sooooooo proud of your finish! Way to go girl!! 26.2 miles is hard! I admire your determination!! Cannot wait to read part two!! (Killin’ this not so patient friend with a part one cliff hanger. ha!)
    PS you look gorgeous in the drinking a glass of wine picture. As usual!

    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      You are too good to me Kristin! Sorry for the delayed response! Just now getting caught up on comments! Thanks for all your personal text and motivation through the whole process. Maybe one day we shall go to Oregon together!

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