I’m still here!

OH Hi! I took a long break and enjoyed life for about 3 weeks without stopping to tell you about it. I’m sorry! Just when I thought no one missed me, one of my favorite friends on the gram told me she missed my blog! Thanks Ashley, and even if you are the only one….well this is for you!

I didn’t do it on purpose I promise, but this is literally the first time I have been home for the weekend in the last 3 weeks.

tolleLots has happened in the meantime, so brace yourself for multiple post this week to get caught up. In between the last time we talked and now, I completed my 20 mile training run, ran a half marathon race in Little Rock, joined a brand new Fitness Club, and signed up for some exciting races for next year that I am anxious to tell you about. Lastly, I am officially in the taper zone and counting down the next 7 days 23 hours and 31 minutes until I run the Portland Marathon next weekend! This week is all about eating all the iron and sweet potatoes I can get my hands on.

Where do I even start. Let’s start with Nashville. Steve and I made the 8 hour road trip to Nashville for the long Labor Day weekend, and as usual had an amazing time. If you follow me on Instagram then this is going to be old news! I will say that for the first time ever I actually focused on the fun tracker more than the mile tracker than ever before when I have traveled. My foot had been hurting before we left so this break was exactly what it needed. I did sweat at least 2 of the 4 days but only 1 day was running and only 3 miles!

First stop in Nashville (literally) was this little Burger place we saw on the TV show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives called Gabby’s Burgers. Such a hole in the wall type place but they had Gluten Free buns! I can’t tell you the last time I have had a burger until this one and now I have had like 3 since…I met my quota for like 2 years.

gabbysNext stop after checking into our hotel was our favorite music spot and boy was it crowded!

tootsiesBirds eye view is always better. This is me getting into a vacation state of mind! It normally takes a good 24 hours to fully let loose.

Nashville state of mindWe found this coffee spot  called Crema last time we were in Nashville and I couldn’t wait to go back!

cremaWe got to hit up our favorite rooftop sushi place. Neither of us wanted to pick out the rolls so we did the Sushi tour which was the chef’s recommendations. It was good, but next time I’ll pick my own thank you!

viragoIf you can’t tell already the weekend was all about music, eating, sleeping, and repeating. I loved this cute little place called Butchertown Hall that I found on Instagram.

butchertown hallAnd so did everyone else because it was busy, but these tacos were worth the wait…not to mention the bloody mary! Plus I got the last one because they told the girl at the table next to us (you can see her pink jeans to the left) that they were out of bloody mary mix. WHAT?!?!? Who does that on a Sunday? They do make their own so I guess someone didn’t plan properly!

tacosAnd just like that, it was time to come home and DETOX, and get ready for my 20 MILER! Stay tuned to hear all about that weekend and the surprise that Steve had for me at the end! (no it was not a wedding ring- let’s not start those rumors)!

Cheers, SS

Happy Saturday! I am off to run 8 miles…. the longest I will run until the Portland Marathon next weekend! Eeek!

What have you been up to? Tell me everything, tell me something! I miss you guys! 

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