20 Miles & A Surprise at the end…

2 days of blogging in a row….don’t fall out of your chair. I am still playing catch up, but 2 weekends ago was my 20 mile training run, so I can’t not talk about it. This is the longest distance in my training before the Marathon next week. I changed up my route and did something totally different which turned out to be a huge success.

20 miler

3 Things that worked for my LONG run.

  1. These new insoles. They do make my shoes tighter which I am still trying to figure out how to deal with but they made for a smooth 20 miles. I can’t decide yet if I am going to wear them for the Marathon but my legs/feet felt great for 20 miles. I am dealing with a stubborn ingrown toenail (TMI I’m sorry). My right foot is fine but until I get the ingrown taken care of on the left, it irritates that foot a little. My pediatrist said that it wasn’t that bad so she would wait to fix it until after my Marathon.
  2. We have a trail system here in Northwest Arkansas that spans about 30 miles and although parts of it in each city have been open for a few years now, this year they finally completed it and now it all connects together. Well last Saturday they were having a Square to Square bike ride from Bentonville to Fayetteville, so I knew there would be lots of entertainment and water stations along the way. I was able to run point to point in one direction on a beautiful trail, through 4 towns, and it made the whole experience so much better than my usual out and back routes.
  3. Lastly, I am so late to the game but I have finally been listening to the Serial Podcast. I had about 4 episodes left which got me through 17 of the 20 miles. It was so entertaining and the weather was perfect. Thinking back on this run gives me joy!

So with these 3 things combined I had an amazing 20 miles run, and I came out of it with lots of confidence which was not the case for last years 20 miler.  When I got to the end I dropped a pin with my location for Steve and walked up to the highway where he picked me up and surprised me with concert tickets to see O.A.R in Kansas City, Missouri, which is 3.5 hours away and is one of our favorite weekend getaway spots. He dropped me off at my car then went to pick up some chipotle for lunch while I got ready and packed an overnight bag.

The concert venue was such a good one. It was really small which I love, and is literally just an open courtyard type area behind this pizza shop called Grinders. They even had Gluten Free pizza and beer. I was super happy and hungry after that long run!

OARO.A.R reminds me of High-school. It was such a great show and we even discovered a few new bands that we loved that opened for them. Our hotel was about a miles walk away and the weather was perfectly just a tad chilly all night! FALL has me crazy happy right now!

OAR on stageThe next morning we found a cute little corner coffee shop called Mildred’s that had some super yummy flavored roast. I tried the snickerdoodle! YUM!  I couldn’t not take a picture in front of this wall. I told Steve this was a fashion bloggers dream wall….so I tried to pose like they do! hehe!

kc coffeeSteve took me out of the way to hit up Trader Joe’s so I could stock up on some essentials. Then as soon as it hit 11am and one of our very favorite BBQ places Arthur Bryant’s opened we were in line! It was so good I forgot to get a picture of the actual food, but it wasn’t healthy I will tell you that (fries were involved)

bbqAnd that was my 20 mile weekend. I love unexpected trips like that!

Cheers, -SS

Any new things you have tried on long runs lately that have worked for you? 

Any unplanned trips you have taken lately? Do you like surprises?

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