When you think you can’t go any farther…YOU CAN!

There is really nothing like completely exhausting yourself with a long run that makes you feel the strongest you have ever felt! Running has changed my life in so many ways, and without getting too emotional about it, lets just say I am thankful for every mile even if I woke up less than excited about 19 ahead of me yesterday!

I thought about this yesterday on my 19 mile run when I really wanted to quit at mile 16…like really. I wanted to call Steve and have him come pick me up. Thankfully I knew he wouldn’t answer anyway because he was on a long bike ride. I didn’t want to walk home because that would take forever. SO I talked myself into just doing 18 then I would let myself walk the last mile. When I got to mile 18 I started all my head games….”comfort is not what you were looking for” “you are stronger than this” “race day is going to feel like this” and apparently it worked and I pushed through with a strong finish and even thought at mile 19 …” I could keep going if I had to” Thinking of my 2:00 Massage appointment didn’t hurt either!

garminThis run was a lot harder than my 18 a couple weeks ago, which starts to mess with your head and your confidence level, but I try to remind myself that every run is different and there are so many factors. I didn’t feel well this week, late nights at the office, work dinners, monthly visitor, tired from traveling the last 2 weeks, highest mileage so far in training, and the list could go on! So even though this run didn’t feel as strong as the last long run, I am going to focus on being really strong for the next long run of 20.

Okay, the word to picture ratio above is bad  and I am sorry! Here are ALL the pictures with “fewer” words I promise!

Things you see in Arkansas while running LONG.

PelicanFriday afternoon record store perusing!

recordsNothing like a new coffee to make your week!

coffeeAll day every day again this year….

peachesMy favorite place to be after a long day at work…

wine patioHappy National Dog Day!

national dog dayGluten free Beer and gluten free  pizza before the long run!

gluten free beer40 total miles this week, 8 of which were on Monday morning!

Monday garminDid you see Julianne Hough’s engagement ring…..how could you miss it, it is 6 karats.

hough ringEnding the week at a great Fashion Show event raising money for Cystic Fibrosis! Until it started pouring rain and we came home to watch a movie and I ate a Gluten Free pizza because…well 19 miles, and there were only small appetizers at the event!

cffI love Sunday! Hope yours is amazing! I am excited for a short week and the upcoming Labor Day Holiday. I took off on Friday, and my company is closed on Monday/Tuesday so Steve and I are headed to our favorite spot Thursday night after work…..NASHVILLE!

Cheers, -SS

Thoughts on running long and feeling strong?

What makes you feel the strongest?

Tell me something strange/interesting you saw while running/working out this week?


  1. Whenever I hit a point like that where I feeL like I just can’t.. I tell myself over and over ” you can do hard things” and It really helps get me thru.

    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      I love that Kiki!!! I am going to add that to my vocabulary! It’s so true and motivational! The body achieves what the mind believes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. As you and I both know, I am not the one to be giving mental strength advice. . .But I always think about a little bit of pain to push through now vs a lot of disappoint and frustration with myself a couple hours later. The temporary pain always seems less uncomfortable when I know I will be proud of myself when finished!
    I saw some interesting people while strolling this week, does that count?! Ha! And squirrels. Lots of squirrels.
    And I am drooling about your coffee!! Those flavors together are heavenly I bet. You must give us a review of the coffee and your thoughts on it!!
    Sooooo excited you get a long fun filled getaway weekend!! You deserve a break! You are one busy woman!!
    Kristin recently posted…A form of group fitness?My Profile

    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      Thanks for the insights Kristin. I am going to be thinking of these words of wisdom next weekend when I am on mile 22 and everything hurts! haha! This response is so delayed I am well through that bag of coffee but it was delicious. I am in a coffee rut right now and I am searching for a good everyday coffee that won’t break the bank. Although that was divine it was $20 for the small batch bag, SO unfortunately I can’t afford to drink that er’day! If you have suggestions let me know. I love to grind my own, but I am open to either.

  3. Ahh I totally can relate to this post. Scott and I ran 22 miles last weekend and we felt so accomplished after! Exhausted, too :) We also saw two wild turkeys that scared the crap out of me!

    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      Sorry for the delayed response! Better late than never right?!? 22 miles will definitely make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Is 22 the longest training run you do for Marathon training? I have done 20 for both Marathons so I am just wondering what you experience has been since you are going on #8. Maybe next time I should shoot for 22.

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