Memphis in the Rearview

Well our Memphis weekend is now in the rearview mirror and we are back to reality! It is always tough being off work for a couple days then playing catch up when you get back. This 4 day week was a tough one but I survived and it is Saturday and I am drinking coffee and I am about to go run off my week, so all is good in the world! We had a great time in Memphis and I took lots of pics so here we go!

Friday Morning I got in a run before I had to do a little work from home (working on vacation not recommended). Steve worked half a day then came home so we could hit the road for 5 hours! We packed our usual weekday lunches to eat on the road! And in case you are wondering I did not make that messy bed before we left!

leavingAs soon as we got there we checked in to our Hotel at the Peabody! I love the Peabody just for the ducks!

Peabody DucksWe dropped our bags, and I changed into my new romper that I actually bought in preperation for our trip to Aruba but it seemed festival appropriate. Why are they so cute yet so hard to use the bathroom in?!?! Anyway, we headed straight to dinner at the famous BBQ joint called Rendezvous! It did not disappoint! Don’t worry Gluten Free friends I didn’t eat the bread… and all of their sauces are GF!

BBQThe first night of the concert was my favorite because my favorite artist was playing…..Ryan Adams! Yippee! We got there right as the sun set over the Mississippi River!

SunsetThen we waited in line for 50 yes 5.0. minutes for a drink while we listened to Awolnation which was awesome! Awol not the line that is!

Day 1This was the 4th time I have seen Ryan in concert….. he was in an extra good mood and he put on a great show!

Ryan AdamsSaturday morning we did get in a short 3 mile run! We found this cute little Farmer’s Market along the way so we had to stop and check it out! Lots of Gluten Free goodies!

Farmers MarketAfter we showered, we found this super cute little coffee shop called Tamp & Tap. One thing I love about Steve is he always does the research on Coffee/Food places and God love him, I am hard to please. He knows me well and does a great job! We had to wait for like 30 minutes on our breakfast but once I tasted my oatmeal I knew why! It was AMAZING! I brought my own Almond Butter packet with me to top it off! The coffee was also to die for!

Tamp and TapWe basically just hung out all day on Beale Street while listening to live music and taking in all the good people watching! Don’t lie everyone loves people watching! I just appreciate so many different walks of life and this street brings them ALL, including street performers!

Beale StreetBeale Street at night gets quite crowded…..

Beale Street 2…..but they don’t play around with the security folks!

Horse CopsWe decided to sell our tickets to the concert for day 2. That many days in a row of large crowds is tough to swallow and there weren’t any bands we really wanted to see that day!

Sunday we had to seek out the nearest shopping mall with a Madewell for me, which was 30 minutes away in Germantown, but luckily it happened to be near another famous BBQ place called The Commissary, so everyone was happy! The wait was long but the BBQ shrimp was amazing! French Fries were had….no judging! #treatyourself


I loved the girls at the Germantown Madewell! I didn’t even get there names….but they convinced me I needed these overalls! I have REALLY REALLY like REALLY been wanting these overalls but I wanted to try them on and we don’t have a Madewell in Arkansas. I wasn’t expecting them to look good at all, and I would be able to forget about them….but to my surprise I loved them. Plus the girls helped me style them a bunch of different ways so I figured I would get more wear out of them than I originally thought! Steve however, knowing I wanted overalls, was against it from the beginning. So of course I didn’t tell him what I had done! I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to put them on for the concert that evening! He was actually surprised “they weren’t as dorky as he thought”….I’ll take that as a compliment!

OverallsThe last night of the concert was another beautiful evening at sunset were we watched Hozier perform. It was a great performance!

The StageWe had a great weekend and we called it an early night after Hozier!

B and SMonday morning I couldn’t wait to have one last cup up coffee from Tamp & Tap before we hit the road home! I didn’t have time wait on the oatmeal today, but I still dream about it! #kiddingnotkidding

And that wraps up our weekend in Memphis, Tennessee at the Beale Street Music Festival!

Cheers, -SS

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Thoughts on overalls in general? I can’t believe how happy a pair of overalls could make me! #fashionjunkie #doesnttakemuch

Have you ever been to Memphis TN? This was not our first time, but the music festival was a first for us.

Do you love BBQ as much as we do here in the South?


  1. Jealous that you saw Ryan – again! You probably knew I’d say that though, haha. I’d love to see AWOL and Hozier too. One day!

    Oh gosh, I don’t know who my absolute favorite musical artist is. I have an eclectic music taste, so it’s anything from George Strait to Gavin DeGraw to (old school) Jay-Z to the Lone Bellow!

    I looove overalls. I’ve been wanting a pair for ever it seems like! I definitely need to check out Madewell then.

    I’ve never been to Memphis, but it’s on the list! Especially after listening to “Walking in Memphis” so many times :)

    I like BBQ, but I don’t love it. I think they may kick me out of the South for saying that..ha. It always seems to heavy for me – if that makes any sense!

    Glad you had a great weekend!
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    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      Wish you could have been there Caitlin! I am just happy Ryan is touring again after he took a break there for a long while it seemed a few years back. I love your mixed taste in music. It all speaks to me too:)

      You have to check out Madewell for the overalls! They really are so cute and both the girls in the store had them and we all 3 had completely different body types, which I love. I didn’t think I could pull it off!

      Memphis is fun, but if you have to pick one city in TN go to Nashville, it’s our absolute fav!

      And I totally hear you on the BBQ. It is so heavy. That’s why I got the BBQ shrimp for the second round. I typically don’t eat that much meat so BBQ feels very heavy especially since they tend to you give you like a freaking pound of meat for one person! I do love it though in moderation! Don’t worry we won’t kick you! hehe! Steve and I agree that Kansas City has the best BBQ anyway!

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous rest of the weekend!

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