Running in Bad Weather…. It’s all About Perspective

I am sitting here trying to decide weather to go to the gym and run 9 miles on the treadmill or wait for it to stop raining and run outside. Normally the answer would be easy and I would just run in the rain which I don’t mind unless it is a terrential downpour, BUT we received a little ice storm this week and there are still ice patches everywhere. I keep reading and hearing about people falling. I fell on the ice as a kid and ended up with 7 stitches in the middle of my forehead so I am a little scared of falling on the ice. Granted my brother I were ice skating in our sneakers on the ice patch in our driveway, BUT still! I have to look at this scar on my forehead everyday! Okay enough about that.

This is the view from my window at work! It doesn’t look as bad as it is because you can’t see the ice! We don’t know how to handle bad weather here in Arkansas so it took about 3 days to get the roads clear….

view from windowI went to HIIT class a lot this week and got in two days worth of treadmill running so I have still found ways to get my sweat on.

gymAnd although I still found ways to sweat, I have still been Debbie downer about not getting to run outside.  AND that is when I read this blog post from my runner friend/previous coworker who just had surgery to repair her hamstring. She started her blog Run4Cake to help keep her sanity while she cannot run. And while I am over here all “I hate this weather, I can’t run outside” She is over there keeping a positive attitude!  She was on the track to qualify for Boston and now she is just happy to make it from the couch to the bathroom without injuring herself. SO I am going to just be thankful I can run today and not be such a downer about the weather! Get well soon Run4Cake, sending running endorphins your way!

Aside from all that, here is what has been going on this week! Steve and I got a new mattress….

New MatressI am dreaming about vacation and trying to plan where to go this year. In the meantime I am keeping warm by looking through my old vacation pics. This was that time I rented a dingy in St. John!

vacation dreamingMy new Smore’s Quest Bars arrived this week and they have done it again with this flavor! I always think every year the new flavor it THE BEST but they always outdo themselves! If you haven’t tried this one, please do so STAT!

questSince I have known Steve he has never once given me an early Birthday or Christmas present. I think he has gone soft this year, because he bought me my new Garmin at the race expo in Miami and let me have it right away, AND last night I came home to these!

golf clubsHe was so excited for me to open these and he couldn’t wait until my birthday on Monday. He even wrapped them and everything.

birthday wrappingWe are going to get the Golf Membership when we move into our new house which is on the golf course, and I don’t have my own clubs. I had absolutely no idea Steve was getting me these. I love total surprises. I can’t wait to kick his butt at golf. That is what I said when I opened them, and he laughed at my usual competitive nature!

Well fit friends, I have sat here long enough to decide on running outside and not the treadmill today! Wish me luck with no unplanned snow angels!

Cheers, -SS

Tips for running in Winter Weather? I need them please. I am fine with the cold just not the ice!

Last time you were totally surprised for your Birthday?

Any women golfers out there?

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