2015 Intentions & A Life Planner

Better late than never right? I should get  the “blogger slacker” award of the year for posting my 2015 Intentions 12 days in. To my defense I had this post ready last week but my computer had other plans and I lost it. I was really frustrated and didn’t feel like doing it all over! Plus, if truth be told I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I decided to set “intentions” rather than “resolutions.” This year one of my biggest intentions for 2015 is to just focus on being PRESENT and pretty much everything else revolves around that.!  So here we go…..

#1 I have to start with afore mentioned intention of being PRESENT. My new quote for the year is “Someday is today” and I am going to focus on being more present in every activity….not thinking about the past….and not day dreaming about the future….not spending as much time with my iPhone attached to my hand….. and less time cruising the inter webs.


#2 Track my daily running mileage so I know exactly how many miles I run in 2015. I really wish I had done that this year! I think this will also help with knowing when to buy new shoes, and truthfully it is just for FUN!

#3 Weekly Meal Planning. I do good with breakfast and lunch, but not so much with dinner, which leaves me running to the store multiple times a week to get something for dinner.

#4 DO MORE YOGA. We will have a special place for yoga in the new house, and I can’t wait!

#5 Start using more Essential Oils & get monthly massages. I finally found an amazing massage therapist here in Bentonville and I already scheduled my next appointment. She used some amazing essential oils which also lead me to this intention. I ordered a few  Essential Oils to get me started from Young Living. I will report back on how things are coming along! My back has been killing me lately and I felt so much better after my massage.

#6 This one is a little personal, and harder to achieve, but without writing a novel about it, I simply want to “fall in love with my body” I am so hard on myself in terms of body image.  I eat really healthy 90% of the time, and I work out 6 days a week.  I should appreciate and love what my body does for me ( I mean it ran 26.2 miles for me people) but instead I judge it from every aspect. I feel strong and happy with my body while I am running, working out, doing yoga etc… but as soon as I step on the scale all my confidence goes out the window and I let those 3 little numbers define me. I pledge 2015  (the year I turn 31) to be the be the year I fall in love with my body!

I just want to “be present” and “RUN happy” in 2015…

selfieOn to a lighter note, I have been searching for the perfect planner to kick off the new year and help me be more organized (not my strong suit). After reading a post from  Amanda over at Running with Spoons about her new planner, I decided to order the Erin Condren personalized  life planner for myself. Since it is “personalized” it takes a few weeks to arrive and patience is also not my strong suit. I can’t wait for it to get here and I plan to use it for #2 and #3 above. I purchased the meal planner inserts to go with it so I am setting myself up for success.

I think Ollie’s Intentions for 2015 are to get more treats, more kisses, and more blankets to snuggle in!

ollieAnd Lola’s 2015 intentions are to get more of those things than Ollie….My Dad just “kinda” spoils the spots off Lola.

LolaLola has been getting over a pretty nasty spider bite. At least that is what we/the doc think it was, She had a knot the size of a baseball on her hip. It has slowly decreased down to 3 spots where her hair fell out and there was a lot of draining. The doc had her on a few rounds of antibiotic and she is almost as good as new after a month or so of a very worried Mommy. The good news is, she never acted like it bothered or hurt her so that made me feel better.

Cheers, -SS

What is your biggest “intention” for 2015?

Any words of wisdom on how to  “fall in love with your body?”

Does anyone else like to use a life planner? If so which one?


  1. I think we could all using being more present in our daily lives. I don’t have a tendency to look back too much, but I’m also either future tripping, or just thinking of everything that I have or want to do in the future! I plan on more yoga too, and in fact I’m doing a trade with my favorite studio to work a 2.5 hour shift each week in exchange for unlimited yoga. How I’m going to coordinate all that with my other gym that i do work for, plus beach running and everything else, I have no idea. Guess we’ll find out. I don’t use a life planner because for me I love the idea but it would be a waste of money. I either use a simple notepad, or use my hotmail calendar for scheduling stuff. And my mantra this year? Slow and steady! Hope it’s a great year for you!
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    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      Hi Tonya! I am the same way about thinking too far ahead sometimes to enjoy the moment I am in. Let’s work on that together! Yay for more Yoga, and what a GREAT trade. I feel the same way as far as finding time amongst my other activities, but this year I am making time for it because I just feel so good when I do. You may be right on the life planner being a bit on the wasteful side. I will admit I have bought them in the past and used for a few months only to toss it to the curb. Fingers crossed I stick with it this year because I found the perfect one:) I use my iphone for planning just about everything, but I like to take notes at work, and I tend to remember things better when I write them down. I hope to use it for planning out my blogging schedule, meal plans etc… stay tuned who knows! I LOVE your mantra. Thanks for sharing that, it’s a good one!

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