20 Miles…or 5 Miles 4 Times

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be typing up this recap, because that means its OVER and I DID it!!! I have been terrified of this 20 mile run the entire training. I was feeling confident after how well my 18 miler went, but I knew 20 would be pushing it.  I haven’t talked much about running this past week (hence all the recipes) because I was trying to ignore the fact that I was experiencing some pain. I have said several times on here how thankful I am that I was able to get through this whole process without any injuries, but with this week being my highest mileage week of all, my ol’ body was feeling it! It all started on Wednesday for my 10 miler. Things didn’t feel good after mile 8. Then Thursday for my 5 miler something happened that has never happened to me before. I was only able to run 4.5 out of 5 because of sharp pains in both legs…..My left knee and my right hamstring. I did what any runner would do and I ignored that it was happening and just told myself that Friday rest would get me ready for Saturday. I have come too far and trained too hard for things to go wrong now. #runnerdrama So with all that said, let me tell you how I got to 2o miles!

So like I said, I got up early Friday and just did my own yoga flow at home along with lots of rolling and stretching. I also took my tennis ball and ice pack with me to work Wed-Fri….despite odd looks from coworkers.

friday selfie I scheduled a sports massage for after work on Friday night. It was 90 minutes of “good” pain and awkwardness. I don’t know why,  but I just don’t enjoy having a male masseuse. I always feel weird and I can’t relax. This was the only appointment I could get for after work and someone who specialized in the sports massage so I went with it. He did a great job and was very professional but I just couldn’t fully relax. Anyway, he said since I had such an important run on Saturday he didn’t want to go too deep and told me come back after my marathon. After the massage I came home and enjoyed pizza night with Steve even though he had just eaten his, he still had the oven on for me!

I woke up anxious at 5:30 on Saturday morning. I was ready to get this 20 miler underway….and was mostly anxious to see if it hurt when I ran! I got up, ate some breakfast, drank some coffee, and foam rolled a bit…then hit the road! To my surprise everything felt pretty good. The left side of my body had no pain, and even though the right was tight it wasn’t painful.

Steve had told me he was going to ride his mountain bike along the trails where I run, and bring me water. I spent the first 10 miles looking for him to show up which kept me busy. My right hamstring leading down to the back of my knee was progressively getting tighter so I was trying to run in such a way that extended my leg fully and stretched it out with every stride. Steve showed up at mile 13 and I was like a kid on Christmas with excitement to see him. He refilled my water bottles for me, and commented that I didn’t look so good with my limp he could see on the right side. None the less he gave me his words of wisdom and motivation then he left to get in his own exercise.

On lap 4 (my last 5 mile lap) things started to get tough and I had to really pull out all my mental tactics. I don’t talk about religion too much on here because well, it’s a running blog, but let me just say lots of praying went down for 20 miles. My Dad always tells me that no matter how small or silly the need “God cares about the desires of our heart” even if it is something seemingly unimportant like me being able to run 20 miles, so I kept repeating this to myself “God cares about the desires of our heart “God cares about the desires of our heart”

At this point it was as if my body went into survival mode and shut out all pain, I just kept running and this song “Til I collapse” by Eminem came on at mile 19 and I literally started to shed a tear. He is talking about rapping and I am relating it to running, but if you listen to the words you will see what I mean! I knew I could make it at this point! Somehow despite the tightness I was able to keep my marathon pace the entire time, and I actually finished the last mile at a 9:30/mile.

garminSorry for all the words and fewer pictures, but Saturday was a big day! I came home and immediately took an ice bath which felt GREAT, and then I was starving!!! I knew it was going to take a while for me to recover so instead of our usual fish tacos I opted for staying home and making another Gluten Free frozen pizza!!

pizzaAfter foam rolling and eating my pizza I was tired so I took a nap, which I never do on Saturdays! I woke up around 3pm just in time for the Razorback game and I was hungry again, like really hungry, so I had lunch #2! Black Bean nachos with Dairy Free Cheese!

nachosThen I was starting to feel like I needed to walk around and stretch out my legs so Steve and I made a trip to Sam’s Club and Walmart to get groceries!

post run selfieIt was a really nice night so we cruised around a bit with the top down before heading home. We decided to order in Ahi Tuna Bowls from our favorite Sushi place and watch a chick flick because well I got everything I wanted yesterday! #smartboyfriend I enjoyed my wine and chatted on the phone with my Mom on the couch while Steve ran to pick up dinner!

sat nightHave you guys seen the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” Wowzers was it a tear jerker. Its a really sad movie, but a good one!

Sorry for the long post!! 20 miles is LONG! Now I am excited to taper and let my body heal a bit so that I am more than ready for 26.2 in 19 Days 21 Hours and 40 Minutes!

Cheers, -SS

Any runners out there have advice for a first time marathoner?

Anyone see the movie The Fault in Our Stars?

Tell me about your weekend! 


  1. Congratulations! I’m sorry to hear you were on so much pain though and hope you recover as you begin your taper! That was sweet of Steve to show up on his bike! I haven’t seen that movie yet. I’m waiting for an evening where I need a good cry. :)
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…What I Know About Myself and MoneyMy Profile

    • Sweet & Sweaty says:

      Thanks Tonya!!! Yes I was so thankful to have anyone to talk to and water was a bonus. 20 miles is a long time by yourself! Yes definitely save that movie for a good cry! My eyes were puffy the next day from crying! No exaggerating!

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